Personalized, Custom Apparel Is Easy, Convenient, And No Minimum Quantities At #MyLocker #Sponsored #MC

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“Mom!  Where did you get THAT?!  Can I get something with my name on it?”

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People love getting something personalized.  It’s a special gift that is just for you.  But custom apparel was out-of-reach.  Not anymore!  Now you can get custom apparel, custom t-shirts with no minimum quantity!  You can make your own t-shirt or other apparel whether you are ordering one or a hundred. MyLocker can do it.


I ran my first half-marathon yesterday and wanted to get something as a reward.  I’ve been training and running is difficult for me, so I wanted something not only to celebrate but also to remind me of the accomplishment.  This running jacket from MyLocker is perfect!  I know it’s going to motivate me on those days when I would rather sit on the couch than lace up my shoes.

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Have you gone to a sports event and seen spectators with shirts that say “Brandon’s Mom” or “I’m Brittany’s Proud Grandma” and wondered where they got them?  MyLocker can let you show the world your pride and support of your child or grandchild.  That’s what I want to get next from MyLocker.  My daughter joined Run Club at her school and I would love to go to a meet wearing a shirt that says, “Rosie’s Mom”.  And I know she’s excited about a t-shirt with her name on it!

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When we went on our cruise, I was surprised at how many families I saw with custom t-shirts.  They looked like they added fun to the vacation and made a great souvenir.

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I had fun “designing” this jacket.  Whether you are creative and have something specific in mind (not me!) or you need help and suggestions (yup, that’s me!) the MyLocker website was easy and fun to use.  The feedback was efficient – I received a confirmation and a shipping update about my order.  And I was amazed at how fast my jacket arrived. Most products ship within two days and you can design an item in as little as 30 seconds. Even if you need something at the last minute, you can still get a personalized gift that looks like you spent hours and days planning it.

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What do you have to celebrate?  

Is there someone special that you’d love to surprise with a personalized gift?

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