3 Surprising Tips to Save Money Every Day!

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Are you looking for ways to save money?   Even if you can’t find a way to earn more money, you can have the same effect of putting money into your pocket… by saving!  When I became a stay-at-home mom, I wasn’t earning a paycheck but I could still help our family’s  “bottom line” by reducing our spending.  But I don’t want to give anything up!  I like my little luxuries.  Here are some tips to let you enjoy the same things you do now but by adding a little thought and planning, still save money.  The headings of these tips are going to have you saying “Huh?”, but read on, and you’ll be saying, “I get it!”.


1.  Buy the gadgets you need to make great coffee.
By making your own coffee concoction at home, instead of buying from a barista you can save!   If you love a morning cup of coffee, save money and make it yourself.  It’s faster, and more delicious!  Need the “it” factor?  Homemade is the new cool.  You don’t make your own coffee because you’re cheap.  You make your own coffee because you want it to be 195 degrees and no one else gets it right.  You make your own coffee because you care about the earth, and don’t want to use disposable cups!  As a side benefit, it takes me between 2 and 3 minutes to make my vanilla latte in the morning.  Much faster than going in, or driving through my local coffee shop.


2.  Go to expensive restaurants.
Sounds crazy, but wait….  Okay, say you go out to eat twice a week and spend $40 dollars each time.  You go to quick serve restaurants but nothing special.  Well, instead of spending $40, go somewhere special and pay 25% more.  How does that save money?  Well, you only go once a week, of course.   Instead of $40 * 2 or $80 a week, you are now only spending $50 and enjoying better food!  Use coupons or discount gift certificates to eat out at a nicer restaurant than you usually do and spend less money!  Stock up on frozen easy-to-make meals so you don’t impulsively eat out just to save time.


3.  Shop, shop, and hey, go shopping!
Plan every purchase.  Instead of just grabbing this or that in a big box store while you’re grocery shopping, shop online.  Take advantage of seasonal sales, coupons, discounted gift cards, and free shipping offers.  Do you wait and watch for Kohl’s coupons?  Did you know that there are Kohl’s coupons available online.  On sites like BuzzRaid.com, you can find 15-30% off coupons for Kohls.com and combine most of them with the free shipping offers.  And at most stores, Kohls, Walmart and Target for example, you can return items to the store and not have to pay return shipping if the item isn’t just right.  In addition to coupon codes, you can also find hot deals and product reviews at BuzzRaid.  Don’t forget to shop, shop, shop for services, not only products, that you purchase.  For example, Buzz Raid has a HostGator coupon code,  Hotels.com coupon codes and deals, and Travelocity.


Planning and searching for the best prices can let you enjoy all the same things you do now AND save money at the same time!


Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  I was compensated for writing this post.
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