32 Days 'Til Easter

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Arriving March 5th…… Is this bunny adorable or what? And Blossom Bunny is only $18 at Build A Bear! (Outfit and accessories extra) What a star for any Easter basket. There’s also an adorable chick that little boys would love! Even sweeter, when you spend $20 or more, you can get a free Easter Basket and candy!

Last November, Build A Bear (BAB) saved my life. Really! Moms, do you have a child’s birthday coming up? If you are like me and SO NOT the “kids-birthday-party-leader-type-person”, in other words, scared you-know-what-less at the thought of all those children, BAB will save your life, too.

From the moment we arrived for Rosie’s 4th birthday party, our BAB Party Leader took over. She helped each child choose their bear/animal, kept them entertained, motivated them to take turns and stay cheerful. This is four year olds! They were happy and dancing and happy and singing and happy and playing games and did I mention? – happy! The kids stuffed their animals, gave their new best plush friends a “bath”, watched them sewn up – while I just enjoyed and watched the magic. We had quite a few children and it was still a joy. I’m not saying it was as relaxing as a day at the spa, dream on, but I had fun!

Can you say you had fun at your child’s last home party? Ummmm, NO, hehehe.

I had won some gift cards ( I told you, I’m lucky, and you can be too ! ) that helped with the cost, but all in all, it was very reasonable. The animals start as low as $10. I went up to the next level $12 to give the kids a bit more choices, but when you figure out how much a home party would cost, with decorations, food, games, prizes, I don’t think this would be much, if any, more expensive. And the best part, for me anyway, is that you don’t have to organize, entertain, supervise, or lead the children! To read more about a BAB Party, click here. There are many more perks that I haven’t even mentioned. Wait, I have to mention a few moreinvitations, thank you notes, a photo, a souvenir bear, favors and the cool box-house for each child, it goes on and on!

Oops, I forgot the biggest, bestest secret of having a party at Build A Bear……..

*whisper* I didn’t clean my house!!! *whisper* Hehehe!!!
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