4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Digestive Health and 4 Tips to Improve It! #CBias #DigestiveHealth

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Why should we care about our digestive health?

 Here are four reasons why it’s important to take steps to improve digestive health:

1.  There are a number of conditions that fall under the category of digestive health, ranging from mild discomfort (bloating and gas) to life threatening (colon cancer).  Many serious medical problems can be prevented by proper digestive care.

2.  Improve digestion and improve absorption of nutrients.  Your digestive system is what pulls out the vitamins and minerals that your body needs from the food you eat.  Even if you are eating a healthy diet, you also need to have a healthy digestive system to reap the benefits of that healthy diet.

3.  Did you know that your digestive health affects your skin and hair?  Having a healthy digestive system is actually part of a beauty regime!

4.  A malfunctioning digestive system can cause bloating and gas.  Waistband feeling too tight and an overall puffy feeling can keep us from doing our best, feeling great and enjoying life!  Either extreme – constipation or diarrhea – can interrupt our lives, cause absenteeism from work or school and be a sign of serious illness.

Convinced that digestive care is important?!

Okay, now what can you do about it?!

Here are some tips to get you on the path to digestive health!

1.  Listen to your body and establish an eating routine.  Routines are not just good for your children!  Your body loves to have a regular schedule and receive nutrition at the same time every day.  I recently saw a doctor interviewed and said that we can reduce inflammation in our bodies by eating on a schedule.

2.  Eat a high-fiber diet with soluble and non-soluble fiber.  Chew your food well and eat slowly.  You find fiber in fruits, vegetables and legumes.  Non-soluble fiber helps everything moving through your system and soluble fiber absorbs and holds water.  Both are important.  Drink plenty of water and avoid soda and coffee.  Stay hydrated and avoid the caffeine and bubble found in soda!

3. Exercise!  Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and keeps things moving, from a digestive standpoint.

4.  Introduce probiotics into your diet.  Probiotics are “good bacteria” that your body needs to properly process the food that you eat.  Different factors such as age, stress, or improper diet can reduce the amount of probiotics in your body.

I’ve been taking a supplement call 4X Pro-B from Costco.com.  It’s easy!  The 4X Pro-B caplet contains 4 strains of natural, beneficial bacteria: Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium bifidum. 

The first week I was taking 4X Pro-B I could tell a difference. I had more energy and felt like my waistline had shrunk.  You know that “over-full” feeling that makes you want to just sit?  I didn’t have that and it was replaced with an energy.  I felt more like doing something active like taking a walk or dare-I-say cleaning after a meal, instead of sitting on the couch and watching tv.

Now that I’ve been taking it for several weeks, it is just second nature and I reach for the easy to take caplet every morning.  I’ve even started exercising on my treadmill and am getting excited about possibly taking off some weight again.  Motivation is so important and spring is the perfect time to grab some extra energy and push to get healthy!

Ordering the 4X Pro-B was easy, too.  I did it on the Costco website and the product was delivered in  under three days!  To see a slide show of my entire shopping trip, visit my 4X Pro-B album on Google Plus.

This isn’t the end of the story!  I’ll be posting again soon with more information about maintaining a healthy digestive system and my experience with 4X Pro-B.

For more information about 4X Pro-B at Costco, visit the Costco Website:  http://www.costco.com/ or Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Costco.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias


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    That is awesome that you can already see a difference!

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    Kelly, thanks for sharing this. I have considered Probiotics before. I may really look into adding them to my regimen.

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