5 Tips to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time – It’s Coming on Sunday March 8th!

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Disclosure:  I am a member of the Vicks Ambassador Network and as such, receive compensation for sharing my personal experience with Vicks products like  #ZzzQuil . All opinions are my own and I only recommend products or services that I believe offer value or quality to my readers.
Did you know, more than half of all US adults say their sleep is affected by Daylight Saving Time?  
Are you like me and you wake up on THAT Monday morning feeling like you are trying to move through mud?  This year the “Spring Forward” change is coming on Sunday, March 8th.  Here are some tips to help you ease into Daylight Saving Time!

1.  Gradual Change

Beginning tonight set your alarm for a time 20 minutes earlier than your normal schedule.  The next night move it up another 20 minutes.  Do that and by Sunday it won’t be such a shocker.

5 Tips to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time ZzzQuil Vicks2.  Time Your Meals
Don’t eat a heavy meal in the evening hours.  A good rule for every day, try to have your biggest meal at noon.  Also avoid caffeine.

3.  Create a Haven of Sleep
Turn your bedroom into a haven – quiet, peaceful, and dark.  Have clean, comfortable bedding, a cooler temperature than during the day, clean air with the proper humidity, and darkness.

4.  Move! In the Morning…
Exercise in the morning.  The National Sleep Foundation tells us to get up and move in the morning for a better night’s sleep.
5.  Relax
Go to sleep with a clear mind and conscience.  Try to resolve any issues before going to bed so you will have as little as possible worrying you.  I’ve heard people say that making a list and organized timetable to take care of “to-do’s”, will help you relax and know that things WILL get done.  Someone recently told me that they schedule a time to worry!  They set aside an exact time, say 9:00-10:00 am to worry about a specific problem.  During all the other hours, when that issue creeps into their minds, they set it aside, telling themselves that they will deal with during the assigned time.

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