5 TV Shows To Inspire Science Project Ideas or Things To Do Over Spring Break! #NetflixKids

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Netflix Disclosure

Science is actually a friend to moms on spring break.  Your kids won’t take long to run out of things to do and science can actually help you find fun projects (that teach along the way!).

We’ve had Netflix for two months and I’m seriously wondering what we ever did without it.  My daughter loves finding new and interesting things to watch, in addition to being able to see her favorites like Curious George any time she wants.  I particularly love that she “logs in” as Rosie and I can feel safe knowing that all her choices are kid friendly.

Netflix has compiled a list of shows that will inspire ideas for an upcoming science project or experiments you can pull out when everyone has run out of ideas for spring break activities.  Here are my five favorites:



1.  How Stuff Works

We’re surrounded by a world we take for granted. Discovery Channel reveals the fascinating and unexpected details of stuff that surrounds us that is often overlooked.We’re surrounded by a world we take for granted.


2.  Fetch with Ruff Ruffman

We watched every episode of this show!  I learned so much, I mean my daughter, yeah, my daughter learned so much.  Ruff Ruffman is the canine host of this partly animated reality show in which kids attempt to meet wacky challenges involving science.



3.  Wild Kratts

Do you have shows that you never would have watched if it hadn’t been for your kids, but you are so glad that they wanted to?  That’s Wild Kratts for us!  Our whole family loves this show.  Zoologists Martin and Chris Kratt morph from live forms into their animated selves, complete with Creature Power Suits, in this animal show for kids.



4.   Mythbusters

Mythbusters is a classic!  Fearless hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman examine some of the most commonly held beliefs in popular science and culture.


5.  How Do They Do It

Go behind the scenes to do the things, and make the things that form the modern world, like elevators, carpets, street lights and more.


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