Add New Tweet Box Feature to Giveaway Posts and Sidebar – Twitter Anywhere Means You Can Tweet Right Here!

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Have you heard about the new Tweet Box feature?  I learned about it first on twitter – someone re-tweeted about a post at Dear Crissy.  I zoomed over there and learned about adding the tweet box to my sidebar, so readers could tweet right from KLY.  HOW COOL!!  Dear Crissy also has info on how to create hover thingies, but I have to be honest – I do not like hover things, they really annoy me.  So I did not add the hover things, but I do now have that nifty box on the right.

Then I was blog reading (ah, I so love to read blogs) and noticed My Crafty Life had the tweet box in their giveaway post!  How smart is that?!  It makes it so easy to tweet your tweet-entry!!  No more copy and paste, it’s right there!  Sweet!

If you want to learn how to add these very cool features, start over at Dear Crissy.  She deserves the traffic, she started all this :)  Here’s a link to her post.

Then I’ll add on, how to put the tweet box in your giveaway post like this:

once you’ve added the Twitter Anywhere Plug-In, go to the Plug-In settings.  In my theme it’s on the left sidebar at the bottom.  Go below General Settings, all the way to the bottom and you’ll see something like this:
Tweet Box Shortcodes

Use a shortcode to add a tweetbox to your posts. The shortcode looks like this:

tweetbox counter=”true” width=”200″ height=”100″ label=”TWEET HERE!” default=”BLAH BLAH” (add brackets at front and back)

Copy and paste that into the bottom of your post on the html page.  Substitute the wording of your sample tweet for “BLAH BLAH”.

There you go!

Cool, huh?

[tweetbox counter=”true” width=”550″ height=”50″ label=”TWEET HERE!” default=”I just read how to add a tweet box to my giveaway posts with a sample tweet right in the box @KellysLuckyYou “]


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    Super cool!

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    Im going to book mark this page ! Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing! This is really neat!

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    Very cool!

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    Cool! Thanks for the tutorial.

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    Thats really neat. Now to add it to my blog :) Thanks!

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    I’m going to do this just haven’t had a chance yet.

    I stumbled you, my post is:

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    Awesome ! I’ve always wondered how to do this!

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    Such a great feature!

    I Stumbled your post!
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    Very cool! I need to check this out.

  11. 11

    I ended up uninstalling mine. I think it was redirecting my blog to Twitter. When people typed in my link it took them over to Twitter or when they would leave a comment. I deactivated so hoping thats all it was…sucks because I did like it but found it made things really slow.

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      Yikes! Maybe it matters which WP Theme you use and how the plug-in interacts with the theme? Mine seems faster today, maybe my problem was more Linky Tools.

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    Great information, Kelly!!
    I stumbled you :)
    Shopper Gal

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    Thanks for the stumble yesterday – repaid in kind – great article

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    Thanks for the info!! I stumbled your post, my link is:

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    Thanks Kelly. This tweeter box is perfect for giveaways.

    I am using Blogger, not WordPress so I did a Google search and found a post that tells you how to do it for Blogger:

    I now have a twitter box on my sidebar and I will be adding it to my next giveaway.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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    Hi Kelly, Stumbled your post,Please stumble mine:

    I am doing this for now on!


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    Looks awesome and would certainly be great for giveaways where tweeting is an option! Thanks for sharing.

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    This looks like something I can really use on my blog, but I just hired someone to work on my blog. I think I’ll wait to see what she does before I add this feature.

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    I saw that post and think it is REALLY awesome. I have it on my ever growing to do list to add to my site.

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    This is such a cool feature. I need to get it for my blog!

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