Ahoy, Matey! Enjoy a Bowl of “Oceans of Flavor Oatmeal” Today!

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Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BringYourBestBowl #Kroger #CollectiveBias

I’m excited to share one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods, Quaker® Oats.  Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast choice because it’s delicious and you can easily create variety.  Oatmeal is like a canvas for the food “artiste”.  By adding different fruits, nuts, sweeteners, or spices you can whip up a different masterpiece every day that still has the flavor base of oats.

Have you seen the Quaker® Oats national “Bring Your Best Bowl” promotion?  Quaker® Oats is encouraging fans to share their favorite recipe for America’s most delicious bowl of Quaker® Oats. Using two to five ingredients to add to Quaker® Oats, create a recipe and you might win $250,000!  There are also weekly chances to win $250!  More information about “Bring Your Best Bowl” can be found on specially marked packages or the sweepstakes site.

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Oceans of Flavor Oatmeal KellysLuckyYou

My recipe is inspired by a little pirate who lives in my house.  Blueberries are her favorite fruit and we keep a supply in our freezer all year round.  One day I was eating my oatmeal with blueberries and noticed that it reminded me of an ocean.  With a few little tweaks, we created, Oceans of Flavor Oatmeal.  I hope you’ll try it and share it with any pirates you may run into, aye, matey!

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Bowl CloseUp KellysLuckyYou

Oceans of Flavor Oatmeal






All your ingredients can be found at your Kroger store!

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Bowl Fruit Cutter KellysLuckyYou

Directions:  Prepare oatmeal and fill bowl.  Add blueberries to make your “ocean”.  Using a shape cutter, make dolphins or other sea creatures, out of fresh mango and cantaloupe.  Assemble. Enjoy with your favorite pirate!

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Bowl Shells KellysLuckyYou

Notes on making your oatmeal

Everyone has their own favorite consistency and type of oatmeal.  The best way to find your favorite is to experiment!  For any oatmeal variety, the instructions on the Quaker® Oats give you the perfect starting point.  Try both stovetop and microwave, see which you prefer.  Try both milk and water, again it’s personal preference.  Play with the quantities of liquids and oats to create your own perfect bowl.  What is my perfect bowl?  Developed over years of experimentation.  I start with Quaker® Standard Oatmeal – Old Fashioned.  Then, step-by-step, this is how I make mine in the morning (or sometimes for lunch, shhhh, sometimes an evening snack).

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Boil Water KellysLuckyYou

I put one cup of water (per serving) in a small saucepan on the stove.  Today, I’m making one bowl just for me!

I set the timer for the length of time it takes the water to boil, in my case four minutes.  Why you say?  Well, I have been known to put the water on the stove, walk away to do something and ooooops, forget all about it.  The timer keeps me on task.  Focus can be challenging, what can I say?

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Cook Oatmeal KellysLuckyYou

After the water boils, I add in 3/4 cups of Quaker® Oats oatmeal.  Turn off the heat and set the timer for 5 minutes.

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Bite Oatmeal KellysLuckyYou

In a total of 9 minutes, I have my perfect bowl of oatmeal.  My blank canvas of deliciousness is ready for me to create a variety of flavorful, delicious meals.

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger Fruit CloseUp KellysLuckyYou

Today it’s Oceans of Flavor Oatmeal.  I put in my blueberries and add “dolphins”, made of mango and cantaloupe.  I get a piece of fruit in every bite and that adds enough sweetness for me.  If you like more, create “whitecaps” on your ocean with a bit of powdered sugar.  YUM!

#BringYourBestBowl #Kroger InStore Photo KellysLuckyYou

Head to your nearest Kroger store and pick up Quaker® Oats, blueberries, a mango and a cantaloupe.  Set sail tomorrow morning on your own Oceans of Flavor!  Oh and don’t forget to enter to win in the Bring Your Best Bowl Contest by creating your own recipe with great ingredients from Kroger.  The contest ends March 12, 2016 and a winner will be announced the following November.

Ahoy, matey!  What will you add to your Quaker® Oats?


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    So so cute. I would have loved to do this with my kids when they were small. Wish I had those adorable cut outs. #client

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