Revealing the 2013 Barbie Dream House! 1960’s Versus 2013 – Must See! #BarbieIsMoving

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Barbie O2O Disclosure

I am like the happiest person on earth!”
“Does it come with all that stuff?”

That’s what Rosie said when she saw the 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse!

barbie logo

Remember my post when we heard that Barbie was moving out of Mailbu?  Well, after touring all around the country, Barbie decided that “there’s no place like home” and decided to remodel her home and stay in Malibu.  After much anticipation, I am pleased to reveal… the NEW 2013 BARBIE DREAMHOUSE!!!

Photographer Dennis Stylist Cheryl Jo

As much as we would have loved to have our very own “Chicago Barbie”, I can’t say I blame her, especially since winter is right around the corner *grin*.

My daughter filmed a Video Sneak Peek Into the 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse, watch above.  Hint:  See the elevator, the blender, and the flushing toilet in action!

Barbie Dreamhouse Closet w Text

If I were Barbie and I was remodeling my home….  what would I put in it?  Hmmmm….  the first word that comes to mind is “closet”!  Barbie would have to have the best closet ev-ah, right?  Well, I think she does and I want one!  *my-best-diva-stamping-foot-impression”.   Not only is the closet H-U-G-E with lots of storage space and a vanity table, are you ready?, it has an ELEVATOR that takes my, oops, I mean Barbie’s, yes, Barbie’s favorite outfit down to the bathroom!  Haven’t you wished you could have a closet in your bathroom?

Barbie Dreamhouse

The 2013 Dreamhouse is huge! And for someone like me, I mean my daughter, who loves pink and purple it is decorated perfectly.  The details are fun and incredible.  I love the little faucet handles!  One of my favorite details is the chandelier.  I’m already trying to figure out how I can get more chandeliers!  There is a place to attach it in almost every room.  We’ve been having fun moving ours from room to room, but I’m planning on one in several rooms at the same time.

Barbie Dreamhouse Dining Room with text

Can you tell I’m having as much fun as my daughter?  And she is having a blast.  Rosie has been pretend-playing more in this Dreamhouse than I’ve seen her do anywhere.  She’s never been one of those kids that can spend hours playing with dolls and I was pleased to see her spend quite a while playing with the Dreamhouse and pretending with her Barbies.

Barbie Dreamhouse Kitchen with Text

I was making something in the blender at dinner time and we had so much fun because Rosie would pulse her blender in the Barbie Dreamhouse every time I did!  There are some very realistic sounds in the Dreamhouse.  Yes, I said “sounds”!  Besides the blender, there is a flushing toilet (endless fun for kids), a hair dryer and much more.  Barbie even sings while she dries her hair!

Barbie Dreamhouse in Elevator with text

The large center elevator is big enough for Barbie or her friends and goes to all three levels of the Dreamhouse!  When I was little, I had a Barbie Dreamhouse and it was nothing like this.  Fortunately, my mom saved my old Barbie Dreamhouse.  It is made of cardboard!  The decorating is definitely in keeping with the 60’s and 70’s!  Barbie only had one room back then and it was about the size of her 2013 Dreamhouse closet.  She liked pink and purple back then too, check out the sofa.

My Barbies Dreamhouse

And I love her bed in the 2013 Dreamhouse.  It’s a canopy with fabric and very pretty!  Big change from my Barbie Dreamhouse…

bedroom then and now

Back to 2013, I was most impressed with the detail in the new Barbie Dreamhouse.  I expected that with so many rooms and because the Dreamhouse was so large that there wouldn’t be details.  But each room was practically a dollhouse in and of itself.  There are many, many 3-dimensional (not just stickers) details in the Dreamhouse.  An example is the faucets in the bathroom.  The shower faucet, sink faucet, and 2 faucet handles are individual, 3-dimensional pieces.  Even the soap dispenser, is a separate piece that snaps into the top of the vanity.  Oh!  That’s another fun detail.  The tiny pieces have a ridge on the bottom that lets them snap into the top of furniture or fixtures.  For example, the plates can be snapped onto (and off) the table or kitchen countertop.  The makeup or accessory bottles can be snapped onto (or off) the vanity in the closet.  It keeps them in place and they can be easily found.  Also, many of the little pieces have the hook carrier so that they can be attached to Barbie’s hands.  The fun details create sparks of imagination and encourage storytelling play.

Barbie Dreamhouse Details Black

2013 Barbie Dreamhouse with Rosie

Tip for Assembly: Place on a countertop or table.

The 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse makes the perfect gift for a birthday, reward for good grades, or a holiday gift!  When I add up the price of individual toys and compare it to the price of the Dreamhouse, it’s worth it to not buy some smaller things for a while and instead get a Dreamhouse.  The 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse is going to provide hours and hours of fun, joy and giggles galore.  I loved it so much, it is the first entry in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Disclosure of Material Connection:  I participated in this sponsored campaign for One2One Network. I received monetary compensation and product to facilitate my post, but all opinions stated are my own.


  1. 1

    Very nice! I love all the little details and the fact that the plates snap into place is amazing, no more lost little plates on the floor :)
    Tiffany Pinnix recently posted..Ageless Derma: Satin Lipgloss Review

  2. 2

    Gorgeous doll house! I like the 1960s and 2013 comparison!

  3. 4

    LOL Barbie is stepping up! Thank you for sharing with us. I am passing this new on :)

  4. 5
    Stephanie Hirsch says:

    Wow, that is awesome!!

  5. 6
    Mary Withrow says:

    Super Cute! Truly every little girls dream. I love the elevator as well. All those pieces clip on so that is fantastic as well.

  6. 7
    Carrie Phelps says:

    What a great doll house & I love your daughters response!!

  7. 8
    laurie nykaza says:

    My nieces would love playing with this Barbie house. We played with Barbie’s years ago and we just love playing with them for hours and this house looks like every little girls dream house! They have really outdone themselves this time. Can’t wait to see who has it on their list this Christmas I love buying all the kids toys for the holidays and their birthdays too.

  8. 9
    Aurelie Red says:

    If I was i little girl, this “Dreamhouse” would be my Christmas present !

  9. 10
    natalie parvis says:

    Wow. I love all the detail! My niece would adore this.

  10. 11

    I know I’ve never seen a Barbie or any other doll house as exquisite as this 2013 model. The 1960’s version was no where close to classy however, at the time when I was a young girl it wasn’t considered too shabby either.

  11. 12
    laurie nykaza says:

    They have outdone themselves this time. This is one amazing Barbie doll house. I like it to that 2 kids could sit and play with it at one time. The colors in it are cute and all the usual little furniture pieces are stylish and cute as well. All little girls will have it on their list of gift to get this year!

  12. 13
    Samantha K says:

    This makes me wish I had a little girl :)

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