B2S Review and Giveaway: Time Timer! What a Smart Idea!

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Last week, I wrote about Rosie’s Separation Anxiety issues.  When I spoke to her teacher, we discussed how difficult it is for children to learn the concept of time.  As adults, we have refined our “internal clock” to know about when 15 minutes has gone by, or an hour.  But children don’t have that sense yet.

When I drop off Rosie at school and tell her I will pick her up at 3:30, or in 7 hours, that just doesn’t mean anything to her.  It sounds like something beyond measurement for her – and a very, very long time.  Her teacher has started writing a daily “agenda” on a flip chart for the students.  As they finish an activity, she marks it off.  That gives Rosie a sense of how many things are “over” and how many are still left to do.  For the timing of each activity, she uses the Time Timer.

A Time Timer is designed to visually help children “see” the passing of time.  I’ve seen many timers for children – time out timers, cooking-type timers – but never one like this!  It’s such a smart idea.  I instantly thought of this as a tool to help Rosie.  Seeing the red “disappear” as time passes helps her to understand the passing of time.  The visual contrast of the red versus the white instantly tells Rosie if there is a lot of time left, or only a little.

Using the Time Timer on a regular basis for as many activities as I can, I know will help her develop a sense of time and that in turn will help her know that it won’t be so long until she sees Mommy again!

If you know someone who, for whatever reason, can’t “tell time”, the Time Timer helps individuals judge how much time is left — even if they can’t “tell” time.  Perfect for children, special needs children, Alzheimer or dementia patients, even bloggers!  I use it occasionally when I have limited time to write a post and need a quick visual cue of how much “screen time” I have left!

Rosie doing her homework with her Time Timer.

Maybe it’s video game time, bath time, homework time, television time…  What do you want to time?  And make very moment count!

Watch this animated video to see how the Time Timer works and how very smart it is!

HURRY!  UNTIL OCTOBER 1, as a back-to-school special, the popular and portable 3-inch Time Timer is now only $19.95!!

One lucky KLY reader will win a portable 3-inch Time Timer.  Enter in the Rafflecopter form below.


Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection because I received Time Timers to review in the hope that I would post about them.


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    Deena Bailey says:

    This is good to help kis understand the concept of time.

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