Babies Leaving the Nest – Decorah Eagles Update

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When they were just little fluffs!

The first of the eagles took flight last week!  It’s been so amazing to watch these eagles hatch and grow.  Just like human kids, you have to say, “they grow up so fast!” and feel like it was just yesterday they were hatched.

... and today!

Free video streaming by UstreamIf you haven’t heard about the Decorah Eagles, a research team placed a webcam near their nest, allowing us to watch them 24/7 and fall in love!  Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been “tuning in” to watch live.

It is strangely addictive.  I have Facebook fans that regularly update news about the eagles and my mom checks in at least once a week to see how “our babies” are doing.

What happens now?  When eaglets take flight, they may or may not return to the nest, but they will stay in the vicinity for six weeks.  And their parents will continue to help feed them until they learn to hunt and are ready to venture out on their own.  The research team plans to capture one of the eaglets and attach a tracking device.  We will be updated on the location of that eaglet.

“Every day we’ll be able to tell the world that this bird is in Missouri, Mississippi or Des Moines.  We will have a website that will follow this bird for years to come. The most common question I get is, ‘What happens to the babies,’ so we’re going to try to answer that question.”

And sometime, probably February 2012, we can start all over again with a new set of eaglets!  I’ll be watching!

Fact to impress your friends:  Taking flight for the first time is called “fledge”.  Fledging is growing the feathers necessary for flight.

Click to read more about the Decorah Eagles story – why they are named Decorah? how big is the nest? where is the camera?  how to tell mom and dad apart? and more.



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