Baby’s First 100 Days by Margaret Stephenson-Meere – Review and Giveaway

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Before we adopted Rosie, I read every child care book I could get my hands on.  As the youngest in my family, I had little experience with babies and what to do with them :)  I even sat with a group of preteen girls in a Red Cross Babysitting Class (they thought it was cute).

“Baby’s First 100 Days” by Margaret Stephenson-Meere takes a different approach than most books for new moms.  Rather than provide steps, directives, and advice, the author gives new moms the information they need to understand their baby and his or her needs.  For example,  another book I read gave a list of the reasons babies cry.  They advised to go down the list one by one until the crying stopped.  Ms. Stephensen-Meere, on the other hand, tells you the cues to pick up on what your child needs.  In the chapter entitled, “Crying”, you find out

  • the average amount of time a baby cries each day
  • the positive reasons and actual health benefits of crying
  • when you can expect your baby to have “unsettled” periods of time
  • 4 Types of Crying and how to tell them apart
  • Tips for Moms on how to cope with the crying

As a registered nurse and early childhood health practitioner, the author has heard thousand of questions from new moms.  She found that by helping moms interpret the signals their babies were giving them, she would give moms the tools they needed to properly care for their infants.  Instead of being frustrated and frazzled, the moms could calmly understand and deal with the specific issues.

Perfect for any caregiver (moms, dads, grandparents, family and friends) – even those preteen babysitters! – “Baby’s First 100 Days”, is a compact survival guide!  By explaining how and why a baby behaves in specific ways (even including pictures), Margaret Stephenson-Meere eliminates some of the fear-of-the-unknown.  By equipping moms with the knowledge to recognize signs of fatigue, meanings of crying, sleep issues and more, “Baby’s First 100 Days” can help create happy, calm babies AND moms!

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