Basketball Season, Crowd Pleasin’ Court Dip – Recipe and Game Are A Slam Dunk

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It’s basketball championship season!  Are you watching your favorite team like we are?  The final games are approaching and it’s getting more and more exciting the closer we get to naming the #1 team in the nation.  Watching with friends and family makes it even more fun, don’t you think?  And a big part of that is, of course, the food.  If you are hosting or going to a game party, I have a recipe for you that will have your friends saying “Wow!” and it’s surprisingly easy to make.  With only three ingredients and nothing to do but mix them together, it doesn’t get faster than that!

Red Pepper Dip Recipe

10 oz. pepper and onion relish

8 oz. cream cheese

1/4 cup sour cream

Combine ingredients, stirring well until lumps are gone and dip is smooth.  Pairs best with Cheez-It Grooves for dipping.  If you haven’t tried Grooves yet, Cheez-It Grooves combine the best of Cheez-It and a chip into one delicious snack.




Now, you can put the dip in a bowl and be done, OR make this a “Wow!” dish by creating a basketball court.  It looks much more difficult than it is and you’re guaranteed to impress with this one.  You need:

Slam Dunk Basketball Court Red Pepper Dip

8 x 11 inch tray

Red Pepper Dip (see above -8oz cream cheese, 10oz pepper and onion relish, 1/4 cup sour cream)

Cheez-It Grooves in Three Flavors:  Zesty Cheddar Ranch, Original Cheddar, and Sharp White Cheddar

New Cheez-It Crunch’d

Black Decorating Gel

Red Decorating Gel

Sliced Black Olives

Sprinkles in Team Colors

Directions:  Cover the tray with dip, deep enough so tray does not show through.  Sides should be deeper to hold the “crowd” Cheez-It Grooves.



Using a tube of black decorating gel, make the court lines.  Look at the picture of the finished dish to see the design.  Start with the lines around the outside of the court, add a circle in the center and center line.



Under where the basket would be, use sliced black olives to outline the “paint”.  Fill in with sprinkles.  Then using the black decorating gel, make the half circle from the corner then around the paint to the other corner.



Using Cheez-It Grooves in Original Cheddar, Zesty Cheddar and Ranch, and White Cheddar alternate colors and create the “crowd”.  The red and black decorating gel can be used to make a few faces.




And, voila!  It’s a basketball court!



For dipping and for a perfect game time snack, Cheez-It Crunch’d.  It’s a new snack from Cheez-It that is Cheez-It’s first-ever crunchy puff made with 100% real cheese. Puffed-Up Crunch with Real Cheese.  Definitely a crowd pleaser!




I picked up the everything for my recipe and party during my twice-a-week trips to Walmart.  The plastic cups come in different colors, you might find the perfect one to match your team colors.  The Cheez-It Grooves are in the cracker section and CRUNCH’D is with bagged snacks.


While Mom is making the dip, the kids can be making “hoops” for the whole family to play with. Cut the bottom out of a plastic party cup, and draw a net on it with a thick black marker. Swoosh! Taped to a wall or a table, you have a fun game for those time-outs during the game.







Cheez-It is dedicated to using only 100% real cheese, which is baked into every delicious cracker.  Until April 2015, vote on your favorite flavors/varieties from six popular Cheez-It flavors and play games for a chance to win $10,000 in the Most Valuable Cheese Contest!

For more fun go to the Snackable Moments Site and don’t forget to vote for your Most Valuable Cheese.  Follow Cheez-It on Twitter @Cheezit  and Facebook: Cheez-It.

Who in your house would be first to try the dip?

How about first to shoot a basket?


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    I know your kids were having a hoot with the basketball net. A chance to throw food.

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    Your basketball court dip is adorable! Love the red pepper flavor.

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