Baskin-Robbins to Retire VANILLA ?????

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Could it be true? Baskin-Robbins is retiring………… VANILLA???????

Here’s the press release from their website:

“CANTON, Mass. (July 15, 2010) – Churning 65 never tasted so good! To kick off the ice cream icon’s 65th birthday, Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest ice cream chain, is announcing the retirement of five signature flavors to its world famous “Deep Freeze” to make room for even more innovative flavors in the brand’s already extensive flavor repertoire.

Today, at Baskin-Robbins corporate headquarters, five classic flavors will be heralded and officially retired as thousands of employees cheer them on as they head to the “Deep Freeze.” The five retiring flavors include:
  • French Vanilla (1945), one of the first flavors launched by Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin, a classic rich vanilla ice cream made with egg yolks.
  • Caramel Praline Cheesecake (1970), vanilla cheesecake ice cream swirled with a caramel ribbon and pralined pecans.
  • Campfire S’mores (1975), milk chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow ribbon and crunchy graham cracker bits.
  • Apple Pie a La Mode (1976), vanilla ice cream with real apple, crunchy pie crust and a caramel cinnamon crème ribbon.
  • Superfudge Truffle (2007), decadent chocolate fudge ice cream with chunks of chocolate ganache and toffee truffle pieces.”


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    One Mama says:

    Hm…maybe retiring French Vanilla but keeping Vanilla Bean?

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