Beginner Runner? Start Training Today for the @runDisney Princess Half-Marathon!

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If you’re a regular KLY reader, you know I started running not too long ago.  My dream / goal is to run a Disney official race.  The most exciting one for me is the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend event in February every year.  In this runDisney Princess event, girls and women of all ages are invited to join in a royal celebration! There are special magical course surprises, special Princess events, and a fun-filled party after the event *sigh*.  Magic everywhere!  When I went on a Disney Fun Run a few months ago, there were Princesses cheering me on and it was so fun.

run Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

runDisney has an expert running coach named Jeff Galloway that advises runners on how to train for Disney races.  His specialty is training runners with almost no risk of injury.  The programs have you increasing your time and distance gradually with sufficient time for muscle recovery.  He’s been helping runners since 1978!  He has a special program on the runDisney site that is designated to have you running a half marathon (13 miles) with a goal date of February 23, 2014 – the date of the Princess Event at Walt Disney World.  You only need 3 weekly training days: 30-45 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday, and a longer session on the weekend.  You can do this! (sorry, talking to myself again, but you can, too!)  Note:  even though the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is currently sold out except for the family and kid races, I’m still going to train.  I hope to find a similar-distance race to enter at the same time and then I will know that I can do the race in 2015!

run Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Training Program

Curious about the training?  I encourage you to check the runDisney website for detailed information, but here is a synopsis.

The time limit on the half marathon is 3 hours and 30 minutes.  That translates to a 16 minute mile.  (210 minutes divided by 13 miles = 16 minutes per mile)  Most people walk about 19 minutes per mile.  The winner of the 2012 Boston Marathon ran 5 minutes per mile.  Just to give you some perspective.  As a new runner, when I walk for 1 minute and run for 1 minute, I finish at 14.5 minutes per mile.  When I run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute, I finish at 13.5 minutes per mile.  So this is by no means impossible!  You can do this!  (sorry talking to myself again).

run Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Training Program Week One

The first time you start out, you want to find an interval that you can live with and go for 30 minutes.  Jeff Galloway recommends this, “If you are just starting to run, try a strategy of (run 5 seconds/walk 55 seconds).  If this is too easy, use (run 10 seconds/ walk 50 seconds).  Remember, your training sessions in the beginning are 30 minutes and you want to be able to carry on a conversation throughout the run.  Getting interested?  Read Jeff’s tips on running form and more!  Check out my tips for beginning runners, here.

The schedule starts with October 1st, so get out there as soon as you can!  

Join me!  

We can do this!  


  1. 1
    natalie nichols says:

    Love it. I’m not a beginner at this point, but I remember when I couldn’t run longer than thirty seconds without stopping to walk. Now I can run 12 miles without stopping to walk.

  2. 2

    This is so tempting.
    Nanette ~ AMomBlog recently posted..Vine Your Disney Side: It Could Be Worth $10,000 and a Disney Vacation

  3. 3

    I had NO idea that something like this even existed!
    Now that I know, there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it… I MUST do it.
    Kayla @ TheEclecticElement recently posted..Mailbox Monday(10/7)

  4. 4
    amanda whitley says:

    omg this looks like so much fun! i have always wanted to run a marathon but i would need some serious training first. this is now officially on my bucket list.

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