Best and Worst of the Oscar Fashion

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Rosie calls it the “Red Rug Party”. Her Grandma and I love to watch the fashions. Here’s my picks and pans – for dress, makeup, and hair. And SHOES!

I loved the color of Charlize Theron’s dress, but the placement of the light violet in the front?
Hmmm, what do you see comin’ at ya ?

Speaking of comin’ at ya…..

I loved, Sandra Bullock’s dress, but her makeup? Lips, lips, LIPS, comin’ at ya!

Okay, on to hair, Anna Kendrick was one of my faves…

Someone tweeted that Tiger Woods was hiding in Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair! Or was it Antonio Banderas’ beard…. Love you, Antonio, but really, not a good look!

These are the coolest shoes! Go Demi Moore!

Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore

Helen Mirren…..always beautiful, inside and out!

Suzy Amis…… sad, we’ve seen you better, girl!

Brother and sister, Maggie (Crazy Heart) and Jake Gyllenhaal.

There was a touching tribute to Director, John Hughes (Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles Ferris Beuhler, and many more). Molly Ringwald, however, was unrecognizable to me and the color of her dress….. let’s just say not a fave of mine.

A winner in every way, Mo’nique took home an Oscar and gave a very touching speech.

Someone tweeted when they saw Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress – “She musta lost a bet.” I have to agree.

Rachel McAdams had my fave dress in the “no-bling” category.

Sigourney Weaver was looking good…. one of the many one-shoulder dresses.

Robert Downey takes my words away and this man coming up, takes my breath away!

Shoulda stopped at Great Clips, but still takes my breath away!

You know how people pull out their old prom dresses and say, “What was I thinking?” Well, Vera Farmiga, what were you thinking?!

Beautiful Zoe Saldano, what were you thinking?


Love ya Miley, BUT, the dress gets a 2 out of 10. The makeup, a 1 out of 10, and the posture, 0 out of 10. We hope you have years of success and time to improve!


for me, it was Penelope Cruz, a 10 for dress, a 10 for hair, a 10 for make-up.

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