Blissdom Bag O’Swag Giveaway and Top Ten Things I Learned

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Thanks to One2One Network, Sean, Rosie and I packed up the minivan and headed from Chicago (or thereabouts) to Nashville.  It was my first time at Blissdom – a conference for women bloggers.  I’d been to a few other conferences – BlogHer, which is the biggest, was the first one I went to, sort of jumping in the deep end.  Disney Social Media Moms is the conference that inspired me to start Kelly’s Lucky You.  I’d heard of Blissdom and was thrilled when I won a contest at One2One Network that paid for my entire trip!  Side note:  If you are a blogger, make sure you join One2One Network, there are amazing benefits and maybe you’ll be the lucky one next year!

In the three days, I attended workshops and sessions, parties and concerts.  I learned about writing from the heart, giving back, SEO, twitter tricks, and facebook tips. But the most important things I learned?  They were about people, because in my book, people are the most important things in life. Here they are:

1.  You have to be courageous.  99% of women bloggers are wonderful and kind people.  However, there were 600 women at the conference, which means there were six stinkers in the group.  I had the misfortune (despite being usually very lucky) to meet one at the first workshop I went to.  I sat next to her, and she had a laptop skin with the name of her big blog.  I should have known better but I didn’t…. I introduced myself and offered her my business card.  She looked at it like it was, well, a piece o’poop.  And said, “no thank you”.  Yikes.  Can you believe it?  Thankfully, I have a pretty thick skin and went on to meet some delightful women that you will hear about next!

Completely opposite is Sippy Cup Mom:

Melissa of Sippy Cup Mom

2.  Sippy Cup Mom, who is a fellow Nutrisystem blogger is the warmest, nicest person – ever.  If I needed to see a friendly face in a sea of stranger, I could count on this beautiful woman!  If I was going to cheat on Nutrisystem with anyone, I would love it to be Sippy Cup Mom!  Not that we did…. no, not us, nuh, uh.  Did I mention there was also a religious convention at Opryland and there were quite a few nuns in attendance?  But, I’m still sticking to my story.  No, not us, well…. not much.  And we walked… a lot ;)

Kay of Bucksome Boomer

3.  Kay Lynn of Bucksome Boomer is my go-to-girl for ANY 80 mile hike.  Well, it wasn’t really 80 miles.  But Kay kept me moving on the fitness walk around the beautiful Gaylord Hotel.  As we admired flowers, plants, men in waders, I told her well, pretty much my life story.  You rock, Kay.  Thank you for not taking that last set of stairs, whew!

Kay’s blog is Bucksome Boomer and she blogs about money and life on the way to retirement.  Give her a shout out and tell her Kelly sent you!

4. Karen Wilson of cirini handmade bags and her daughter, Natalie are lovely and gracious.  I had the pleasure of waiting with them in the GE suite for our manicures and massages, then sitting with them for the afternoon session on Friday.  I wish Natalie much success with her new blog and admire her courage in wanting to help other young women.  When y’all come to Chicago, I hope you’ll be in touch!

Cammy of The Tippy Toe Diet

5.  Cammy from The Tippy Toe Diet is an inspiration!  We not only enjoyed the fitness walk (at 7 AM!!) but shared some great conversation during a delicious yogurt break.

Cammy writes about tippy toeing your way to a healthier lifestyle – one eensy, teensy step at a time.  And she knows of what she writes, she’s lost 100 pounds!

Jaycie of Coupon Geek

6.  At the screening of Melissa Peterman’s new tv series, I looked behind me to see Jaycie!  She has a very popular blog, Coupon Geek, but is the most down-to-earth person you would want to meet.  Jaycie and I met at the Coca-Cola Freestyle event in Chicago a few months ago.  This time, we were ooh-ing and ah-ing over the great products at the inCourage suite.

Holly, founder of Blog Frog

7.   I was sitting at a table waiting for the welcome presentation, with the fantabulous Brene Brown, to begin when a lovely women sits down and I notice her necklace says “Blog Frog” – yes, it was Holly Hamann, one of the founders of Blog Frog.  I love the Blog Frog community and was very excited to meet her.  She is proof positive that not all big-bloggers/social- media-mavens are like my unfortunate first experience.  (aka piece-o’-poop experience)

Alicia of Confessions of A Snowflake

8.  Alicia is truly a snowflake – unique and beautiful.  Her blog, Confessions of a Snowflake, is one of my new favorites!  We talked mostly about the advantages of homeschooling but  I feel blessed to have met her and look forward to reading her spiritual ponderings through her posts.

9.  Blair, Prime Publishing, LLC and I shared a party meal (dinner is not quite the right word to use) and found out that the pretty things in the bottom of the Blissdom Signature Drinks were actually hibiscus flowers.  Wow, who knew?  We also saw Michelle Branch sing and took the Tide Challenge.  We are now blood sisters, don’t you think?

Jen of 4tunate

10.  QuatroMom has the best memory (and heart)!  She remembered so much about me from our time at Disney last year, that I was falling over in surprise.  We tried to catch up at the inCourage suite but it was so jam-packed, you can imagine the volume level.  Still great to see her and hear about her boys.  Jen has four, four-year-olds and writes the blog 4tunate.  You have to go to her blog and see their pictures – adorable!!!

I hope you got a feeling from this of what the conference was like – tons to do, see, and learn.  And mostly, fantastic women to meet!  Other highlights:  flash mob dance at the end of the conference (search on YouTube for videos) and Scott Stratten in a pink dress!  I was not my usual picture-snappin’ self, but here are a few:

Edited 2/2/01 to add this amazing photo taken by Casey of Moosh In Indy.  (Note the huge difference in photo quality, she is amazing!  Check out her blog for more photo art.)  This is afore-mentioned Scott Stratten (you know the Twitter Guru Guy of UnMarketing! and one of the best speakers in the universe.)

And of course, there was the swag!  Would you like to share in the bounty?  I have a Blissdom Bag O’Swag to share with a reader!  Actually, there will be more coming later, too, on the Blissdom Sponsor posts and some individual giveaways coming up, so stay tuned!

This Blissdom Bag O’Swag contains:

  • Coupon for free Peter Pan Peanut Butter
  • (3) Coupons for free Yo-Crunch Yogurt
  • Blue Bunny Beanie Toy
  • Purex Crystals and 3-in-1 Sheets
  • Gain Laundry Soap
  • Greeting Cards from DaySpring
  • Dove bag
  • iRobot clips
  • Pistachios

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Disclosure: This prize is giveaways from the Blissdom conference.


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    I love love Melissa! She is so sweet – I hope to meet her at Blogher! And you too! Good job on sticking to NS!
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      Thanks, Emily! I wish I was going to BlogHer. I went to the one in Chicago two years ago, and loved it.

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      I was a big One2One fan before Blissdom but after seeing how efficient, organized, professional, and FUN you are, now I’m a HUGE fan :)

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      The hotel was amazing Michelle! You would never know that it had been flooded. My five year old was so cute, she said, “Mommy, it’s like your outside, but you don’t need your coat.”

      I hope I see you there next year :)

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    Loved reading about your experience- you are so sweet and so right, it’s all about the fabulous people! Poop to the person who treated you like that, it is certainly their loss for not getting to know you, because as I know from experience, that is a TREAT! :)

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