Blogging 101 Tutorial: How to Automatically Update Facebook with Blog Posts

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Once you set up your Facebook Fan Page, it’s easy to have it automatically updated every time you publish a new blog post.  Sound good?  We love “automatic”, don’t we?!

Here’s how to to do it:

1.  Login to Facebook and go to your Blog Fan Page (type the name in Search box at the top).

2.  Under your profile picture, click on “Edit Page”.

3.  On the left sidebar, click on “Apps”.

4.  Under the Notes section, click on “Go to App”.

5.  On the left sidebar, at the bottom, click on “Edit import settings.”

6.  Where asked, type in your feed url.  Click on the authorized person box.  Click “Start Importing”.

7.  Facebook will show you what it looks like, if okay, click “Confirm”.

8.  Do the happy dance, you’re done!


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    Thank you so much! I never knew this and it worked for me, thanks again!!!

  2. 2

    On my FB page l do not have the edit page option

  3. 3

    Hi Lilac!

    Do you know if you have fan page or a profile page? A fan page is for a community, blog, celebrity, band or business. A profile page is for an individual.

    If you have profile FB page, then under your profile pic you’ll see “Wall” “Info”. Another way to tell which you have – if you have a profile page, it will say how many friends you have. If you have a fan page, it will say how many people like this.

    This tutorial only works for fan pages. I’ll look into how to do it for a profile page!

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