Book Review: A Confident Heart

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“I’m not good enough.

I’m always disappointing someone.

I don’t have anything special to offer.”

and I can add my own…

“I’m always late.”

“I forgot, again, I have a terrible memory.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t have enough time.”

Have you ever said or felt these things?  Have you ever admired other confident women and wished that you knew their secret?

Renee Swope, author of A Confident Heart, uses everyday analogies and common sense advice to help you realize that you can rely on the power of God’s promises to find the security you need and the confidence you long for.

In a forward by Lysa TerKeurst, she describes herself as carrying around a little heart-shaped cup and held it out to whatever or whomever she perceived might fill it.  “I presented the cup to my education:  “Will you fill me?”  I offered it to my husband:  “Will you fill me?” My child… Material possessions… Jobs…”  Someone said to me once, “I hope you find what you are looking for so hard.”  Reading Lysa’s words, I think that’s what I was doing – holding out my cup looking for someone or something to fill it.

Do you compare yourself to others?  Do you blame yourself if something goes wrong?  If you receive feedback from someone with a mixture of positives and negatives, do you focus on the negative?  According to Swope, these are triggers that lead us into “that yucky place of insecurity”.  You have to love an author that uses the word “yucky”!

So, if we are in that place, what do we do?  In Chapter 6, Renee starts getting very specific about what to do to find confidence.  I love this analogy – she says, like a radio, we have two bands,  AM and FM.  We can choose which one to listen to – AM is (Against Me) and FM is (For Me).  She instructs us to take the FM – positive thoughts, write them down and take them with you!  Tape them to your mirror, put them in your purse.  Say them out loud!  Renee gives us God’s Promises quotations to help us replace insecurity and pride with the clarity of God’s truth.

Specific chapters deal with feelings of failure; not feeling special; excessive worrying; not following God consistently.  The last two chapters are a wonderful summary and wrap up of visualizing the woman you want to be and specific quotations of God’s promises.

I found “A Confident Heart” to be very easy to read.  Renee uses analogies and examples so that you can quickly pick up on her thoughts and understand the points she is so succinctly making.  The interjection of Scripture is meaningful and in enough quantity to offer support for her thoughts but not so plentiful as to make reading laborious.  At the end of each chapter is a short and wonderful prayer, as well as Reflection and Discussion Questions that sharpen further the lesson of each chapter.

“Renee Swope is a popular national conference speaker, P31 radio show co-host, and executive director with Proverbs 31 ministries.  She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children.”

I recommend this book highly!  Renee writes as if she is speaking – very easy and comfortable to read with concrete and specific advice that every woman can use.  I’ve often suffered from self doubt and I think all of us have in varying degrees.  Renee not only helped me to identify situations in my life where this lack of confidence has caused difficulties for me, but she offers help!  It’s a huge step to understand the underlying cause for common threads of emotions in our lives, but it’s something else to find ways to deal with it.  This book offers that and more.  I intend on putting this one on my book shelf and referring to it frequently when I need a reminder of God’s promises and to see those promises as a source of confidence.  Renee has made that link for me.




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    sounds like a book worth reading and then sharing

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    –I shall add to my reading list.
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