Book Review and Giveaway: World’s Best Origami

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What It’s About

In World’s Best Origami, author Nick Robinson, shows you how to create three dimensional sculpture by folding a piece of paper. You don’t use any scissors or glue, it’s all done by folding.

We tried it this afternoon and had a blast!  We only made it as far as the first “Pecking Bird” and Rosie had so much fun playing with that one, that we didn’t even get to a second one.  I found the instructions very easy to understand and if I can understand them anyone can! I have never been good at interpreting instructional drawings, but these are done in a way that the novice (me!) can understand them.

World’s Best Origami is not just for beginner’s like me.  The book also includes more challenging designs.  Each chapter (organized by type of design ie birds, animals, flowers, people, etc.  starts with relatively simple models, moving toward more difficult creations.

About the Author

Nick Robinson is a professional origami artist and author who has been folding paper for thirty years.  He is a member of the British Origami Society and edits the organization’s magazine and maintains its website.  Nick has written over 30 books on origami, as well as numerous articles.

The book is published by Alpha Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.  who publishes high-quality lifestyle and reference books in thirty different categories.  The Complete Idiot’s Guides, Alpha Teach Yourself in 24 Hours, At Your Fingertips – as well as other series and stand-alone titles – provide helpful how-to information and general knowledge in an easily accessible manner.

My Take

I love this book!  World’s Best Origami is a perfect addition to any parent’s rainy day book collection or a fantastic way to try Origami and see if it’s a hobby for you. It’s well-organized, attractive and easy-to-read.  It would make a great gift!

Rosie is five years old and she thought it was fascinating to just fold paper and make a bird.  After we finished the folding, we colored them and then she created a play about them.  One design was two hours of entertainment!  I think it was an excellent challenge for her to look at the pictures in the book and try to duplicate the folds and shapes.

I have never been good at assembling things or puzzles – interpreting shapes is definitely not one of my strong points.  But I had no problem figuring out how to create the first design.  Now, I didn’t go further, but I would guess that if I could get the basic idea, I would be able to move further in the book and look forward to the next time we take this out!  One lucky winner will get a new book, I’m fortunate to be keeping mine.

Enter here to win a new copy of the book, World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson.

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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of World’s Best Origami to review.


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    I have been trying origami here and there but would love having a book in my hands to help with the technical details.
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    I have. I used to teach it to the kids in my class, too. I’d like this book for my granddaughter. She’s loves to make and create.

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    We have been playing with the “fortune teller” one for a bit. My son came home from school asking about it so we looked it up on the internet (mom forgot how to make it from her childhood, lol). My kids would love to do some more though.

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    MANDATORY ENTRY: I have tried origami, but I was/am NOT good at it. I can remember back in high school writing notes in school and then folding them in different shapes like a heart or an arrow. It was fun.

    ‘IF’ I win, I am keeping this really awesome book. I’m crafty so I would really enjoy this book, for sure!

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