Book Review: A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman

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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the book for review.

Simple Amish Christmas


About the Story

Annie Weaver is away from home, experiencing her Rumschpringe – a sort of time-out where an Amish youth spends time away from the Community.  She is staying with her “English” (non-Amish) relatives and studying to be a nurse.  Annie had difficulty finding someone she loved to marry or finding a job she enjoyed until stumbling upon medicine.  But although she loves nursing and cares deeply about her patients, she is also homesick for her family and the familiar life of the Amish.  One day a phone call changes everything and she rushes home to care for her father.  Will she be accepted by her community as a capable adult or will they remember the scatter-brained girl?  Will she miss the hospital nursing too much and return to the non-Amish world?  Will she finally find someone to love?

About the Author



From  “The first thing you need to know about me is that I write Fiction full of GRACE.  Every plot is different. The characters change. Some of my books are mysteries, others are novellas, and some are romances. But they all are stories of light, hope, and truth. Stories that at least for a moment touch the deepest places in our heart.

Tales that whisper hope. That speak of family and community. That remind us of God and His love.”

Vannetta lives and teaches in the Texas hill country with her husband and cats!  She has four adult children.

My Take

I loved this book.  It was peaceful, warm, interesting, and very readable.  It touched me and renewed my desire to move toward a simpler life.  We recently got new flooring in our family room, dining room and living room, so I had to empty all my bookcases and storage.  I had accumulated more “stuff” than I thought.  I’m going through it all before I put it back with hopefully large amounts being donated and/or thrown away.  It’s easy to accumulate and reading about the simple Amish life, the strong values, and outlook on worldly goods was very refreshing.

The plot and the characters held my interest and had me wanting the car line to move more slowly so I could keep reading!  Although not suspenseful, I found myself wanting to see what happened to Annie Weaver.  You find yourself hoping that good things will happen to her!

I recommend curling up with this book, a cup of hot chocolate, and reading about the simple, beautiful life of the Amish!

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For more information:

Vannetta Chapman’s Website

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