Book Review: “Three Sisters” by NYT Bestselling Author, Susan Mallery

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three sisters cover

I loved this book!  It has so many elements that touch my heart and funny bone.  While I hate surprises in real life, what makes me laugh is a surprise.  And this book has them.  From the very beginning when you find out that the Three Sisters doesn’t mean relatives.  At the beginning of the story, the “Three Sisters” are actually three houses!  Yep, houses.  At the top of the highest hill on Blackberry Island (another thing I love in a story – a great locale) are three houses that everyone in town calls the “Three Sisters”.  But the three houses are as different as different can be, from the perfectly manicured house inhabited by the Phillips family to the artsy, eclectic house inhabited by Boston and Zeke King.

And in the middle of those two opposite houses, is the one that the main character Andi purchases.  It’s been neglected and needs renovation.  Andi needs to restart her life after being left at the altar.  She thinks that she can renovate herself and her life at the same time as she brings the ugly duckling home back to glory.

Each of the women in the three houses goes through their own different crises.  But through it all they learn, grow, and laugh.  By the end of the book, the Three Sisters describes the women as much as it describes their homes.  They find out that “sometimes sisters were made, not born”.

susan mallery

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery has entertained millions of readers with her witty and emotional stories about women and the relationships that move them. Publishers Weekly calls Susan’s prose “luscious and provocative,” and Booklist says, “Novels don’t get much better than Mallery’s expert blend of emotional nuance, humor and superb storytelling.” While Susan appreciates the critical praise, she is most honored by the enthusiastic readers who write to tell her that her books made them laugh, made them cry, and made the world a happier place to live. Susan lives in Seattle with her husband and her tiny but intrepid toy poodle. She’s there for the coffee, not the weather.


“The biggest modification will be moving the kitchen up-stairs. I was going to have to gut it anyway, though, so it won’t add much more to the bill.” She reached for her scone. “How long have you lived on the island?”

“I grew up here,” Boston told her. “In this house, actually. I’ve never lived anywhere else. When Zeke and I started dating, I warned him I came with about three thousand square feet of baggage.” Her smile faded a little. “He said he liked that about me.”

Andi chewed the vanilla-flavored scone, enjoying the tart apple and cinnamon spread, then swallowed. “Do you work outside the home?”

Boston shook her head. “I’m an artist. Mostly textiles, although lately…” Her voice trailed off and something dark entered her eyes. “I sometimes do portraits. I’m responsible for most of the strange things you see around here.”

“I love the porch.”

“Do you? Deanna hates it.” Boston wrinkled her nose. “She would never say anything, of course, but I hear her sighing every time she steps on it.”


“Your other neighbor.”

“Her house is beautiful.”

“Isn’t it? You should see the inside. I’m sure she’ll invite you over. The front rooms are furnished true to the time period. The historical societies love her.” Boston glanced out the window again. “She has five daughters. Oh, customers for you.” She frowned. “Or is it clients?”


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