Bringing Tech To Your She Shed – @BestBuy Has What You Need For YOUR Hideaway #SheShed

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I have my own version of a She Shed.  When we were redecorating our living room, I took it over.  Shhhhh, I’m not sure my husband realizes it.  We so seldom used our “formal” living room, I decided it to make it mine and put my favorite things in there.  That’s what a she shed is, well, without the shed part.  A She Shed is a place where women can leave stress and responsibility behind and do what they love.  Or not do a think and just relax.  For me, relaxation is reading a book, listening to music, playing the piano.  So I have a comfy couch with a soft blanket, perfect for snuggling up with a novel.  I invested in a sound system, to enjoy my favorite music.  It’s cozy, comfortable and all mine.  I would love for it to be an entirely separate area like a shed.  How fun would that be?!

Best Buy has some ideas on ways to use technology in your She Shed! Check out their ideas on the Best Buy She Shed Page and especially the Before and After pictures.  My favorite ideas were:

1.       Extend the Wi-Fi for endless entertainment

Have you tried to stream a television show or movie and had difficulties? There are ways to strengthen to your Wi-Fi signal that will fix that.  You need a strong signal to stream video.  A  Wi-Fi range extender  boosts the range of your existing router so the wireless can reach more places. Once it’s set up, you can enjoy movies on a tablet or music through a Sonos wireless speaker inside the shed.  I just finished binge-watching “The Walking Dead” and much of it streamed on my iPad.

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2.       Bask in the sun (even when it rains)

I’m a huge believer in sunshine affecting your mood.  With modern technology, you can have sunshine no matter what it’s like outside.  There is even an app to automate your hue lights and simulate sunshine when it rains!  It’s called IF. IF is an easy-to-use app for creating automated tasks (IF calls them “recipes”). “If it starts raining, then change the color to sunlight.” The result? A little bit of sunshine to break through those rain clouds.

August lock

3.     Grant access without a key

I am so over keys.  I lose ’em and I hate ’em.  Why carry them anymore?  Time for keys to only be found in antique stores.  With the August smart lock, not only can you lock and unlock the shed from your phone, you can also send an invite to a friend so she can enter for specific periods of time.  YES!

There are many more ideas and pictures galore at the Best Buy She Shed page.

Be sure to take a look!


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