Brrrrrr! It’s Time For Chili And Family Movie Night! #StreamTeam

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Childhood memories often made by the repetition of simple things.  By having a family movie night, you are creating a tradition that your children will remember and talk about for years to come.  Laughing together, cheering when the good guy wins?  Priceless memories.  I still remember being fairly young and curling up next to my brother on the couch watching a scary movie!  Sports movies are one of our favorite choices for Family Movie Night.  It’s fun to cheer for the underdog and see that hard work pays off in the end.

I can also remember being silly and laughing and laughing at funny movies together.  My daughter loves watching the Beethoven movies on Netflix.  Do you have Netflix yet?  At a very low monthly cost, you have unlimited access to so many fun, family movies.  Or scary family movies.  Or sports movies…. so many movies to make memories with your kids.

Put on a pot of chili, warm up that crock pot and gather the little ones in front of the tv for a Family Movie Night!  Make memories.  Here are some ideas from Netflix of titles to watch!

Netflix Titles for Family Movie or TV Night

For your little kids:

Pirate-Fairy -The- AKA--Tinker-Bell-And-The-Pirate-Fairy  EN US 571x800
Hoodwinked EN US 571x800
boxshot 70225583 en US
boxshot 60025453 en US
EN US 571x800 60011264 The-Muppet-Movie

For your big kids:

70309458 9735545
EN US 571x800 The Avengers NO-Cast
SMURFS-2 EN US 571x800
EN US 571x800 70155581 Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars
Netflix-FreeBirds English571x800
EN US 571x800 70281343 Mako-Mermaids-An-H2O-Adventure

For teens (and you!):

boxshot 384406 en US
The-Breakfast-Club EN US 571x800
Friday-Night-Lights S5 EN US 571x800
S4 CW VAM Netflix 571x800 NE
OriginalJpeg Ferris-Buellers-Day-Off EN 571x800 copy
EN US 571x800 60034573 13-Going-On-30
1. Clueless
2. The Breakfast Club
3. Friday Night Lights
4. The Vampire Diaries
5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
6. 13 Going on 30

Before you sit down to watch one of these titles – or your own family favorite – check out these tipsfrom Common Sense Media on how to make family movie or TV night a success.



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    Maria Iemma says:

    It is getting chilly in my area of upstate New York. My family loves to get together and watch movies and we usually do it on Saturday night.

    • 2

      What a great way to spend a Saturday night! I love feeling “cozy” inside when the weather gets cold.

  2. 3

    We love Netflix at our house!

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