Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011: Catch Up and Keep Learning

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If you’re just getting started in the Blogging/Social Media/SEO world, it’s true that you have a bit of catching up to do. First, let me assure you that it’s not that hard or that complicated; if senior citizens can build online businesses from home using various web tools, so can you. But second – and perhaps more importantly – take some comfort in knowing that even those of us who have been in the game for a few years aren’t done learning.

The principle of continued learned is one anyone in any industry can adopt; however, when it comes to online ventures, this is especially true. Not only are people developing new and better ways to use existing technologies and tools to promote their business, their brand, or their website, but new technologies and tools are being developed every day –  which are then evolving, as well as being adapted and customized.

So what are you supposed to do?
There are two major tasks for an individual who wants to effectively utilize blogging and social media to their advantage: 1) study and 2) experiment.

There are countless websites out there which are great resources for information, tips, and techniques for building your website. There are whole companies dedicated to just this industry, and many of them are willing to share their expertise for free. There are also plenty of seminars, conferences, or classes to help you gain as much actionable knowledge as possible.

But there is also a great potential advantage for each individual to try something new and take some risks. Your business or your website is going to be a little different than any other out there. There may be strategies that will work well for you, that don’t work for others. Or you may read something from someone else which doesn’t exactly apply to you; that’s your chance to adapt and customize.

So don’t be discouraged about all the information out there. By aggressively discovering and experimenting, you’ll soon be the expert everyone else is looking to for answers.

This is a guest post from Scott Spjut.  Scott is a writer and editor who has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and websites – including Newsweek, the Washington Post, CBS News and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Scott currently works with Professional Marketing International helping people change their lives.

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