Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011: Guest Post – Find New Readers Using Twitter Search

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“I love cats!”

“It always feels good after it rains”

“Without music, life would be a mistake” –Friedrich Nietzsche”

“Picking up some lunch meat!”

Are these the ramblings of some insane psychopath?

No! These are people expressing themselves in my twitter feed!

So it’s actually the ramblings of MANY insane psychopaths! Haha :)

Twitter is a place where people let you know what’s on their mind. So how can this help you to help them?

Hmm…. Let us ponder!

(I am arching my left eyebrow and stroking my chin. TPM. Total Ponder Mode.)

What if you could filter out all the noise and distill it down to those humans who may benefit from reading your wisdom and witticisms? That would be mega-awesome!

And yes, you can do it!

Think of the problems your readers have and type some keywords into the search box at the top of the twitter page. This will give you a nice list of those people and what they are saying.

For example, let’s say you have a blog featuring recipes for chocolate chip cookies.

Well, first of all, thank you!

The world needs more yummy chocolate chip cookies!

And second, type into the search box: need chocolate chip cookies. As of this writing, pages full of results come streaming out of real people desiring real chocolate chip cookies to melt in their mouths!

OK, these people are your prospects. Now here is where the principles of marketing come into play.

You can 1 – send them all the same link with no personal comment or 2 – send them a little personal note to begin a conversation.

I prefer choice 2.

I also prefer soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies to the crispy kind but then again, the crispy kind are great for milk-dunking.

(I’m back to arching my left eyebrow and stroking my chin in TPM.)

OK, so to begin the conversation:

Simply click Reply to each chocolate chip cookie person with a little note in response. You can ask them a question to engage them or send them a link to your blog post with your note. Try both strategies to see what works best for you. Experiment!

Basically, you are talking with people. You want meet as many new QUALIFIED people as possible. So when you hit Reply, be sure not to waste your time with people who expressed hatred for chocolate chip cookies.

How can anyone hate chocolate chip cookies?!

The main idea is to use Twitter’s search function to find your audience and then engage them by replying with something helpful to them. You may also want to follow them because that sometimes gives a person extra-incentive to look at your twitter profile page. They want to see just who is so super cool to follow their feed!

Now that they’re on your profile page, they see all your branding, your web site link, and (very important) your most recent tweets.

You have now given yourself a great opportunity to attract this person as a new loyal reader!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to make an important decision… Purchase yummy chocolate chip cookies or bake my own? Uh-oh, I feel my left eyebrow arching up! Haha :)

This guest contribution was written by dating coach HogWild. HogWild makes helpful + hilarious professional dating advice. (for adults!)


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    Well, I entered a comment on Heather’s Blog and the instructions said to come here next to let you know where. Where would be on May 25. Now I am so confused because I’m see all these other books, and the Lord knows I love books. So I’m going to be checking out your blog thoroughly to see if I am doing this right. Thanks Kelly!!
    Sandi Dailey
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