Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011: How to Get to the Top of Google Searches

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Get to the Top of Google without SEO Gimmicks

Everybody wants to know how to get their site on the front page of Google. There is a way and it doesn’t cost money and doesn’t require a new plugin. Discover the simple habits that will get your site to the top of Google over and over again.
SEO Gimmicks
Two major topics have emerged about SEO since the Google algorithm changes a few months ago. One topic covers ways to organically grow your SEO, and the other topic covers new black-hat methods to game the system. Both work, but there is a better, middle way.
Real SEO
The one thing that hasn’t changed in SEO is the balancing act that you have to manage to make your site candy for both readers and search engines. Here’s how you do it, and it’s the exact same method I used to get on the front page of Google twice in one week on two different topics.
Do Your Homework
The Google engine runs on keywords and phrases, also called long-tail keywords. It is amazingly simple to do keyword research using tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Investing as little as ten minutes of your day doing keyword research will bring bounties of rewards. Besides increased traffic, you will become more market savvy in your niche.
In the News
The keywords you need to be using on your site are not just the top five in your niche. What’s happening online today? What’s the big news? You can bet that millions of folks will be searching on those keywords for the next week. So make sure you find a way to tie them into what you normally write about and use them in your blog title and content.
Links and Images
Keywords aren’t just for titles and text. Use them in your links and images too. Every time you create a link you have the opportunity to enter more info than just the URL. Keep in mind that Google reads all of this info. Here are a few tips for giving Google more to like on your site.

  • Choose the words for your text links wisely. Don’t use “click here” or “more info.” Use a keyword phrase if possible.
  • Always enter the Alt info for the link and be extra sure to include the keywords.
  • Replace the regular URL for the image with a link to the same topic as the text content link if possible.
  • Always include the Alt info if the image is linked.

In fact, there are ways to get SEO on every image on your site. Some of that is too labor intensive for most posts, but well worth the effort for hot posts.
Static Areas
And don’t forget to keyword enrich all of the static areas of your site. These include your header, sidebar, and footer. Google reads those too and it’s more important than ever now that folks are really starting to make use of the Google Preview feature that clearly shows potential visitors how relevant your site is to their search before they even click the link.
Plugins and Premium Themes
There are a couple of good SEO plugins for WordPress and several top-notch premium theme developers that offer loads of additional SEO options. However, most site owners have the mistaken impression that they do the SEO for you. They don’t. And, site owners often find them labor intensive, so they go unused and do no good at all.
Keep it Simple and Consistent
You’ll come out ahead if you do the simple keyword research and placement noted previously, and do it consistently. It’s what I do, and why my posts and articles end up on the front page of Google. Yours can too.
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