Build A Beautiful Blog Week – 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Blog

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On the other side of 10 Easy Extras to Add Value to Your Blog, here are 5 Mistakes To Avoid on Your Blog! Do you have any more things that drive you batty on a blog? Comment, please!

1. Music
I like seeing other people’s playlists, but have the settings so that the reader has to click to start the music. Automatic music is pretty much a universal “makes-me-crazy”. Especially if you’ve ever been at work, clicked on a blog, only to have your co-workers all jump to hear Englebert Humberdink singing “Feelings” blaring from your speakers. What other embarrassing songs can you think of?

2. Captcha
Even worse than the usual captcha (that I have so much trouble reading, grrrr), are the double click captchas. You hit enter, think your comment has gone through. Nope! There’s a captcha request that you have to do before comment will be registered. Grrr!

3. Obnoxious ads, roll-over ads, pop-ups
Have you ever gone to a blog that just slaps you in the face with ad after ad after ad? One of the new things I’ve seen in the last few weeks are a pop up that comes up as soon as you go to a blog asking you to subscribe. Not a fave of mine!

4. Slow Down! You are commenting too quickly!
“17 entries for taking a breath” but warning, it will take you days to put in the comments because you can only do one an hour. Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating, but isn’t it irritating to see that “Slow Down!”

5. Flashing backgrounds or crazy color schemes
Can it be called “assault”? Is it a felony for you?

What else have you seen on a blog and said “what were you thinking?”


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    lol great post! I totally agree!

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