Build A Beautiful Blog Week – Beautiful Blog Designs

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We’d like to introduce you to the website that gave Stacie the inspiration for Build A Beautiful Blog Week. It’s none other than Beautiful Blog Designs! She came across it through another blog and bookmarked the link. She had been thinking of doing some design work on her blog and found the huge list of blog designers to be an excellent resource. As she was looking over the blog designer’s sites, she thought it would be fun to have a week where the focus was improving the look of blogs and sharing blogging tips and resources.

Stacie knew this wasn’t a task just for one person so she contacted me to see if I was interested in joining her. We have been working together for awhile on Facebook-Like-You-Back and we knew it would be a good fit and that we shared the same blogging passion. I was so excited when she asked me and we started planning everything right away!

Stacie showed me Beautiful Blog Designs and I was also impressed with this comprehensive list of designers. We approached many of them and were blown away by the response and enthusiasm from the designers for Build A Beautiful Blog Week!

If you have a look at Beautiful Blog Designs, you will also find comprehensive lists for:

This is a site dedicated to helping out bloggers who are who are designing their own blogs and giving you resources in case you do want to hire someone to help. It is run by Amanda, a mom of four children, who loves to help other bloggers and it shows from this fabulous blog she has built. Be sure to bookmark this site! We have and visit it over and over!

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