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blog * a * li * cious (adj.)
1. The state of being, in which one finds joy in updating one’s blog.
(ex. “I’m feeling particularly blogalicious today!)

For more fun definitions of the word, blogalicious, please click on over to Blogalicious Designs.

From their About Us page:
“Staci and Stephanie met in the fall of ’93 at a youth group held by the church they attended and still serve at today, and it should not be surprising at all that they both served within the artistic arena.

As the years progressed they both got married and each had two beautiful children. They both took a liking to scrapbooking, but soon decided that it took way to much time and effort and found a form of scrapbooking on the web called “blogging”. Blogging was an easy way to share their heart and life experiences with family friends and even the occasional stranger. Their hope was that their experiences could make others live, laugh, and love more fervently. They soon realized they were pretty good at making their blogs fit their own personal styles, so with Staci’s creativity and Stephanie’s business sense, they formed a blogalicious duo known as Blogalicious Designs.”

From the portfolio of Blogalicious Designs:

I read this on their blog and got a little excited, because I am thinking of switching-
Got the urge to switch? … WordPress, that is!

It’s all the buzz in the blogging world, it seems. Is Blogger better? Should I switch to WordPress? All my friends are doing it. Will I lose all of my information? HELP!!!!

No worries! If you’ve got the itch to switch, contact Blogalicious Designs! They can discuss your options and if you decide to make the switch, They can take care of it for you.

Blogalicious Designs is one of the ad sponsors of this event, please stop by their site and tell Staci and Stephanie that
Build A Beautiful Blog Week
sent you!

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