Build A Beautiful Blog Week – Blogger to WordPress, is it for you?

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The following is a guest post by Jessica Benton, of iDesign.

In the blogosphere you are always seeing bloggers making the migration from Blogger to WordPress. Many readers ask “why”. There are many reasons why you should move your blog from Blogger to WordPress, especially if you are serious about blogging. If you are not and really don’t mind if you were to lose your content, then the move may not be for you. Here are some advantages of using WordPress and disadvantages.

Advantages of WordPress

  • Database backup of content (posts and comments). You cannot do this is Blogger. You can download your template but not your content.
  • Better control over your categories and tags. Blogger does not have categories. Categories makes it easier for your visitors to find related content.
  • Comment management on the back-end. This speaks for itself. You can set up specific words that will aromatically go to spam along with comments from a certain commenter. There are tons of other options available to control your comments. Blogger makes it so complicated to leave comments and doesn’t allow readers to follow comments so you never know if anyone responded.
  • Plugins that can take your blog to new heights. There is literally a plug in for anything you want to do with your blog. Even automatic tweet of a post after it is written.
  • When you have a self hosted WordPress blog it belongs to ONLY you. When your blog is on Blogger with their free hosting, they own your blog and can take it down as they please. Imagine getting up one morning and your blog is gone with no way to get it back. This has happened to tons of people.
  • Endless themes and options.
  • Built-in SEO functions.
  • The support forums are phenomenal. I have never had to ask a question because the question and answer is already there.
  • Images are hosted by your server on your hosting. You will never lose an image again.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • If you don’t maintain your blog and keep it and your plugins updated to the current version, you can get hacked. But it is no ones fault but your own.
  • You can and will get lots of spam. But WordPress comes with a plugin that is installed for spam and those comments are filtered out. It is very simple.
  • A custom design may be a bit more expensive. The reason for this is that there are many more elements and files in WordPress of your theme that need to be customized. But you get a more professional look overall.
Sound like a good idea yet? Are you interested in switching like Simply Stacie is? Let iDesign take care of the migration for you. Get all the answers to all your questions, support for an entire month after the switch, and a tutorial for using your new WordPress blog.

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