Build A Beautiful Blog Week – How Much Do You Get Paid For Sponsored Posts

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Note: This is a guest post from Stacie at Simply Stacie

Poll Results: How much do you get paid for Sponsored Posts?

Averages Range from $15-60

As you all know, this is Build a Beautiful Blog Week here on Simply Stacie and Kelly’s Lucky You. We not only want the appearance of your blog to be beautiful but we want the GUTS to be great as well! So we’ve tackled some questions that are kicking around out there in blogger land. I have recently connected with Still Blonde after all these YEARS (a blog for Women over 45) and the Chief Blonde and I have agreed to collaborate on a couple of articles to be posted on each of our blogs.

This article is a preliminary look at what bloggers are charging for sponsored posts.

Factors Considered when Charging for Sponsored Posts

The major conclusion we have been able to draw from the 42 respondents is that the price they charge “DEPENDS” on a number of factors. These factors include:

    • Length of article
    • Pre-written Press Release or Inpreted Press releases
    • How many link backs required
    • What extras are included—Tweets, Facebook postings, etc.
    • How many of my blogs do I post it to?
    • What is the product/service?
    • How relevant is it to my readers?
    • Level of complexity
    • Pictures required
    • How long company wants links posted

Factors Affecting Pricing or Offers:

As is typical in any market, the prices charged for sponsored posts vary widely. Factors contributing to this variance include:

    • Age of the blog
    • Popularity of the blog
    • Audience of the blog
    • Competency of the Chief Blogger
    • Reputation of the blog

What Bloggers are Charging or Getting Paid:

Preliminary results indicate that bloggers are commanding between $2-200 per sponsored post. While the $2 AND the $200 appear to be exceptions, it appears that $15-35 for a short (200 word) 1-2 link post is quite typical, with prices ranging from $30-60 and up, for longer more detailed posts. Some bloggers will keep these paid posts up for one month, some forever.

Let’s Expand the Study!

We would like you to continue to email us both please ( and ) with your input so we can do a more extensive article. All we want to know is:

    • What you charge for sponsored posts?
    • What additional extras do you provide?
    • When you do sponsored posts, do the posts remain up for one month? Year? Forever?

We will compile the results, without any reference to your name or your blog, and post the results on our blogs so that you can see exactly what the blogger market is saying you are worth. Information sharing is good for all of us as bloggers. If we have a comprehensive study to point to, we can all validate our worth to advertisers and PR professionals.

For additional thoughts on this topic, please refer to Still Blonde after all these Year’s article on: What’s A Blogger’s Worth–Mini PR Guide–When or What Should a Blogger be Paid?

Please note that I did not share specific blog information from the results of my poll only the $ amounts. All blogs who participating in my poll will remain anonymous.

Note: This is a guest post from Stacie at Simply Stacie

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