Build A Beautiful Blog Week – How To Import Your Blog Posts to Facebook

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How do I get my blog posts to automatically show up on my Facebook Fan Page?

Step One: Networked Blogs

  • Visit Networked Blogs and click Add Your Blog. You will be redirected to Facebook.
  • Click Register a Blog and add your details.
  • It will ask you if you are the author of the blog. Click Yes.
  • It will ask you to verify ownership. I suggest using the widget to verify because then its done and you don’t have to wait around for friends to verify.
  • Copy the code given and follow the instructions to put it on your blog. They will be different for WordPress and Blogger blogs.
  • Once you have added the html code to your blog, click Verify Widget.
  • After it has successfully verified, click Next. You can now delete the widget off your blog’s sidebar or leave it there. It’s up to you.

You now have a Networked Blog!!

To get your blog posts to go to your Facebook Page:

  • Go to Feed Settings.
  • Find your Facebook Page in the list that will show up and click Configure.
  • Click Install.
  • Click Add Networked Blogs.
  • It will ask “Did you install Networked Blogs on your page?” Click Yes.
  • Check the little box “Auto-Publish Blog Posts to Page Wall”.
  • Then Click “Allow Publishing” in the pop up window.
  • To see if it worked properly, click Publish a Test Post.

And you are in business! I love Networked Blogs because now you never have to remember to go to Facebook and link up your blog posts.

Second Method:

An alternate option is to go to your Facebook page and click on “Edit Page” – just under your profile picture.

Then under Notes, choose “Edit”.

Under Notes Settings, click “Import A Blog”

Type in your blog’s url, click the box that says you have rights to the blog and then “Start Importing”.

You’ll get a preview and at the bottom, click on “Confirm Importing”.


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