Build A Beautiful Blog Week – PR Interview with Laura Stratton

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Do you have questions about PR & blogging? I know I did! I’d like to welcome Laura Stratton of Strattco PR and thank her for taking the time to answer some of my questions. Enjoy!

What kinds of products do you mostly work with?

It really depends. I work on anything from products to people! Eco stuff is also a big part of what I do. So, for instance, I represent Bugalug Baby (they make gorgeous accessories for little girls and boys), Otterbottle (stainless steel water bottles), Planet People (the makers of Concrobium Mold Control, Gloves Off and IQ), Under The Roof Decorating (the makers of Hang & Level and Stoppy), 3M (Scotch, Safety Products and Duct Tape) and I also represent celebrities like Jim Caruk (who is launching a new Build it Yourself Learning Center in Downtown Toronto), Mag Ruffman (Canada’s Toolgirl) and Vicky Sanderson (homes specialist and freelance write for the Toronto Star) – just to name a few of them anyway!)

What do you look for in a blog?

Depends, audience reach, adequate and accurate reviews and of course the return that it gets my client by being features (many of my clients can look on their site and see the direct impact of being associated with a blog).

How do you find blogs to review products?

Mostly online searches to see the top blogs out there.

What do you like to see in a blogger’s Media Kit?

Never seen one – but info I like to have is number of blog followers.

What do you like the review post to look like (ie. long, short, read like a press release, personalized)?

I like it to be a personal review with details on how the blogger used it, how it worked for them, personal experience, etc

What do you like the giveaway entry requirement to be (ie. Leave a comment or visit site and choose favorite product)?

I personally like it when the contest entrant has to be driven to the client’s site to find out a piece of info and then come back and answer on the blogger’s site – this drives traffic to the client’s site – a bit more work but at least traffic goes up.

How many bloggers do you look for to review one product?

Really, as many people as I can. The more exposure for my client.

What type of blog design do you prefer?

Not really sure – any are good really!

What will make you choose one blogger to do a review over another?

If they charge to do a review I tend not to choose this blogger. Also if in the past they have agreed to a review and not followed through that will make me take a blogger off my list,

Do you like when bloggers email you with requests or do you prefer to seek them out yourself?

Either is great!

Who are your favorite bloggers to work with?

I love working with the mommy blogs! They are all so generous with their reviews and so extremely grateful with give away. There are many other style based blogs that are wonderful as well.

Other – I also LOVE it when the blogger sends me feedback on contest entries and the link to the review.

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