Build A Beautiful Blog Week – PR Interview with Lauren Fink

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I’d like to welcome Lauren Fink of Attention USA and thank her for taking the time to answer some of my PR questions. Enjoy!

What kinds of products do you mostly work with?

I work primarily with fashion & beauty brands. The products can range from skin care, hair care, make up and fragrances to fashion and accessories.

What do you look for in a blog?

Authenticity. I like to read blogs that have their own voice and express their true opinion about the products featured. I look for regularly updated and engaging content. Giveaways are fun too! :)

What should a blogger include in his/her pitch letter?

In a pitch letter, a blogger should include the products they are interested in featuring, the general focus of their blog, and who their readership is. It’s also helpful to include the amount of monthly unique visitors that visit their site, as well as to include any blog communities they are a part of. Also, do they have a Twitter handle? Do they like to host giveaways? Is there anything their readers really love or don’t love? All of this helps us determine which brands and products would be the best fit for you.

How do you find blogs to review products?

At Attention, we’re always looking for new blogs and bloggers! We form great relationships with the bloggers we work with and share information with each other. I often look through the blog rolls of sites I particularly like and see if there are new blogs I’ve never visited. Blog rolls are especially helpful when looking for more niche or geo-specific sites. In addition, many bloggers will send out emails if they launch a new site or move to another.

What do you like to see in a blogger’s Media Kit?

The same as what you’d include in a pitch letter, but more in depth. Examples of best performing content, previous brands you’ve worked with, and of course, information on your readership in terms of numbers, demographic and content preferences.

What kind of traffic numbers do you like to see (ie. #Subscribers, Followers, Pageviews, etc).

For site traffic, we typically look at the amount of monthly unique visitors the blog receives. However, there are also blogs that don’t garner a significant number of monthly unique visitors, but still have a strong and influential following.

What do you like the review post to look like (ie. long, short, read like a press release, personalized)?

Personalized! I love to see creativity shine through. Everyone has their own way of posting a review, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way! If you’re gonna give the facts, make sure they are accurate and including a link to the companies website, or the product being reviewed, is always important. I like to see images as well.

What do you like the giveaway entry requirement to be (ie. Leave a comment or visit site and choose favourite product)?

My favorite entry requirements are those that require entrants to become a fan of the brand on Facebook or to follow the brand on Twitter. I also like entry requirements that encourage visiting the site and choosing favorite products- it’s great feedback for us!

How many bloggers do you look for to review one product?

The more the merrier!

What type of blog design do you prefer?

Blogs that are easy to read and navigate. Do you have categories listed so people can go to their area of interest? Aesthetics are so important. You want your blog to look good- be bright and engaging to readers the moment they land on your site. Clearly showcase your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc pages (if applicable) and contact info.

What will make you choose one blogger to do a review over another?

There are a variety of factors, the most important of which is making sure the blogger’s audience is a good fit for whichever product we have available. Just because a blog has a lot of traffic, does not necessarily mean it’s the perfect fit for all review and exclusive opportunities we have available.

Do you like when bloggers email you with requests or do you prefer to seek them out yourself?

It’s great and very helpful to know what stories bloggers have coming up! For example, many bloggers I’ve worked with send an email explaining they have a spring scent story on deck or an upcoming nail trends article in the works. I then can hone in on products that would be a good fit for their upcoming stories.

Who are your favorite bloggers to work with?

I don’t have favorites- each blogger is unique and fun to work with for different reasons!

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