California Wine Club Featured Wine – Perry Creek Winery’s ZinMan Zinfandel

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I was so excited when the delivery guy came to the door with my California Wine Club monthly wines!  There were two bottles – a Zinfandel and a Chardonnay.  The Zinfandel is the signature wine for Perry Creek Winery so I decided to try that one first.

In the California Wine Club, the wines are hand-selected by my friends (well I call them that, but we’ve never actually met) Bruce and Pam Boring.  Isn’t that the best way to buy wine – have a friend recommend it to you?  Well, I’ll share a secret with you, Bruce and Pam will be your friends too :)  It’s what they do!  Since 1990, they have been traveling California and choosing their favorite wines to share with friends like us.  Read more about California Wine Club and how it works in my other post and enter to win some wine!

Back to this delicious Zinfandel and Perry Creek Winery.  The owner of Perry Creek is Dieter Juergens.  Dieter has made wine his lifelong passion and and owning this winery is a dream-come-true.  Part of the fun at Perry Creek is dancing with the ZinMan.  The character is shown on the label of the ZinMan wine and the story goes that he sprinkles Zin dust on the vines to make the Perry Creek Zinfandel uniquely delicious.  And something must be true in that because it’s won 33 medals in the past 10 years!

Bruce and Pam tour each vineyard before they select the wine for the club and while they were touring Perry Creek, hawks soared above and a bobcat peeked out at them from the woodlands!  It was very peaceful and quiet, but that belies the amount of hard work that goes into creating these delicious wines.  They have a high ratio of vines per acre, making the work of tending them longer and more difficult but yielding the unique taste of the ZinMan!

By the way, I learned all this from reading the magazine, Uncorked, that was included in my shipment of wine.  If you love to entertain, it’s great to have these backstories to tell about the wine your serving.  Adds some fun!

One of the big things that people struggle with is wine to order with what food choices.  California Wine Club has developed a fun app to make that easy!  You can become an instant pairing expert.  Right now it’s free, so don’t hesitate, download it and give it a try.

To download the free California Wine Club pairing app:  Go to the App Store on your iPhone.  From the bottom menu, choose “Search”.  Type in California Wine Club and touch “Search”.  You’ll see the CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel.  Touch it, choose “Free” and off you go!

Once the CWC Pairing app is installed, you choose the type of food on the top menu, ie Meat, Poultry, Fish, etc.  With a simple swipe, you can see the wines recommended for different foods in that category.  For example, under Meat, one of the items on the wheel is BBQ Pork Ribs, and the recommended wine is Zinfandel!  Also, Syrah/Shiraz and Merlot.  Easy-peasey!

I can attest that the ZinMan Zinfandel is excellent with BBQ Pork Ribs.  Join me?!

 Enter to win your own membership to California Wine Club!

Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection because I received a California Wine Club membership to review in the hope that I would post about it.  This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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