Carter's "The Funny Thing Is…." Sweepstakes

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Has your child done something that just had you giggling and laughing? Do you have a favorite story about how your little one did something or said something that really made you stop and think?  Here’s one of my favorite:

One day, Rosie and I were talking to a neighbor and Rosie said, “Do you know what my mommy says when she drops something on her foot?”  I was blushing and holding my breath, fearful of what Rosie was going to say.  “No”, said the neighbor, grinning, “what does she say?”  Rosie pauses, smiles and says, “…….oopsie daisy!”  Whew!  That was a close one!  Had me thinking about how I better be very careful in choosing my words!

Well, if you have a story, you can win $1,000 gift card from Carter’s! That’s the grand prize and there are also four first prizes of $250 gift cards. Enter your essay to Carter’s before September 13th at midnight to be eligible.  The official rules are here.  (Note, your story cannot have been published anywhere before).

Can’t remember a cute story?  Well you can still enter “The Funny Thing Is….” sweepstakes for these fantastic Sweepstakes prizes (for entering your email): 5 – $25o Carter’s Gift Cards; 20 – $50 Carter’s Gift Cards and 40 – $25 Carter’s Gift Cards.

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