Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Miss evil Kitty Web and Graphic Design

"I strive for my clients to be the best they can be , to think out side the box to think modern , chic, and balanced. With that in mind if you are ready to get your business to the next level contact Miss evil Kitty." Gabbie, at Miss evil Kitty Web and Graphic Design From the About Page at Miss evil Kitty:  "MissEvilkitty is the alter ego of one very eccentric young woman named Gabbie , started to craft or noticed she liked … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Kyla Kreates (Blogger)

Kyla Kreates is a new design site - which has some benefits...  Kyla offers what she calls, "I'm new and need experience" pricing!  From the minute you land on her site, you see one of the other benefits of a new designer - her ideas and designs are fresh and new, as well. Question: Do  you have any advice for someone considering a blog makeover? Kyla Kreates:  My advice for someone that is considering a blog makeover would be: 1. Keep … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Lily Bean Graphic Design (Blogger)

Dana, owner of Lily Bean Graphic Design, comes from a family of business people.  Her mother owned her own business for 20 years, and that's where she  grew up & learned how to be fair and strive to make the customer happy.  That's something Dana takes pride in - her ability to be extremely fair, and be passionate about creating a great business. So, you wonder, if the creator of Lily Bean Graphic Design is Dana, who is Lily?  Lily … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Ashley Creations (Blogger)

Ashley, of Ashley Creations, recommends that if you are looking for a blog designer that you do your research!  Make sure that you find someone you trust.  Look at the price you are paying and what you receive for it - the value/price is worth it to you. Ashley Blog Designs has been providing fun and person designs for bloggers for six months.  She always wanted to learn how to make her own design and that led her into creating a … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Theresa Sheridan Designs (Blogger, WordPress or TypePad)

You have less than five seconds to convince your website visitor to hang around - how will you grab their attention? Within five seconds, I was signing up for the Theresa Sheridan Design newsletter - I think she knows her stuff, she certainly engaged me.  And her advice for someone considering a blog makeover is something I am definitely going to do with my next blog design, "Know who your target audience is and design for them, not you!" So … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011: Catch Up and Keep Learning

If you’re just getting started in the Blogging/Social Media/SEO world, it’s true that you have a bit of catching up to do. First, let me assure you that it’s not that hard or that complicated; if senior citizens can build online businesses from home using various web tools, so can you. But second – and perhaps more importantly – take some comfort in knowing that even those of us who have been in the game for a few years aren’t … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from The Shabby Vanity (WordPress, Blogger, or TypePad)

Do you wish your blog had a fab design reflecting your unique personality?  Madeline at The Shabby Vanity can create a personalized look for your blog no matter what you blog about.  She can design something for everyone in quality static/animated design. It was so fun looking through the site at The Shabby Vanity.  Madeline shows you some of her favorite new trends in blog design, including the popular character designs.  My favorite post … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Just Married with Graphics (Blogger)

Raphael at Just Married with Graphics loves to be as creative and as daring as his clients want.  His designs reflect his artistic talent and his customers vision. Just from reading the description of the prize offered by Just Married with Graphics, you can see that there is an understanding of the needs of the blogger, especially review and giveaway bloggers. Q:  Do you have any advice for someone who is considering a blog … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Bridge Work Blog Designs (Blogger)

Aly of Bridge Work Blog Designs is not only a designer, she is also a blogger.  In 2008, she started a personal blog to document her journey through infertility.  She knew a fair bit of HTML, back then but she knew nothing about blogs.  She self taught to design based on her own blog needs.  Eventually a friend asked her to help her design a blog and Aly jumped at the opportunity.  One blog has now turned into over 40 in just six months!  … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Book Giveaway, Creative Blogging

I went to the site Blogs by Heather to prepare for writing this post, well, 20 minutes later, I'm back to start writing. Heather obviously knows about blogs and how to engage readers! Blogs by Heather is a one-stop shop for all things related to blogs. There are fantastic posts with advice on how to create, design, and maintain a successful blog, as well as many free tutorials on blogging. But I'm getting ahead myself again, here's more about … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from DreamUp Studios (Blogger)

"Every project undertaken is started with a fresh design perspective. We take the time to listen and get to know our clients, their needs, goals, dreams and big ideas are what motivate and inspire us. We patiently guide our clients through as many drafts as necessary to get the look just right. We answer all our clients questions till we are blue in the face and they are confident and comfortable." DreamUp Studios DreamUp Studios is three … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Desperately Seeking WordPress (WordPress)

Are you concentrating on the content-side of your blog and don't have time to deal with technical issues and *panic* problems?  Are you worried about what is going to happen when your design is finished and your designer has moved on to new clients? Desperately Seeking WordPress offers more than just design service.  The principals have over 14 years combined experience with WordPress and are available to help you with... well, just … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011: Guest Post – Find New Readers Using Twitter Search

“I love cats!” “It always feels good after it rains” "Without music, life would be a mistake" --Friedrich Nietzsche” “Picking up some lunch meat!” Are these the ramblings of some insane psychopath? No! These are people expressing themselves in my twitter feed! So it’s actually the ramblings of MANY insane psychopaths! Haha :) Twitter is a place where people let you know what's on their mind. So how can this help … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Creative Patience (Blogger or WordPress)

"I love being able to translate a blogger's vision into pixels.  There's something that is so rewarding when I can take the words in an email and turn it into exactly what the blogger was picturing in her mind.  Being able to bring their vision to life makes me happy." Rachel, Creative Patience Creative Patience LLC has been in business since 2007.  Specializing in creating custom WordPress themes, Blogger templates, graphic design, and … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Crafty Hippo Designs, 3 Winners! (Blogger)

Crafty Hippo Designs is the place to go if you are looking for a complete custom blog makeover or just need to update a couple of items on your existing design.  Jeannette, owner of Crafty Hippo Designs, offers custom blog designs at affordable prices - starting at only $30!  She also offer discounts for returning customers, referrals and the military.  Also, for the whole month of May I'll be having a sale on all design packages - all 50% … [Read more...]

Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2011 – Giveaway from Babbling Brooke Designs (Blogger)

Since Build A Beautiful Blog Week 2010, Brooke, of Babbling Brooke Designs, has added another little boy to her family!  She is the mother of three rambunctious boys and blog design is her outlet to avoid turning her brain into "Mommy Mush". It's where she gets to use "big words" and make pretty things.  With all the testosterone in her family, they don't always appreciate things that don't involve Jedi or have wheels!   Brooke's advice … [Read more...]