Review: Flashlight Friends Are On Every Kid’s Wish List This Year! #FlashlightFriends

My daughter loves flashlights, I think most kids do.  I try to keep a flashlight in my nightstand but it's difficult because she keeps taking them!  But something she loves more than flashlights?  Stuffed animals.  When she saw Flashlight Friends, combining two of her favorite toys, she was so excited I thought she was going to explode.  The "As Seen On TV" products are always very popular with kids, but I appreciate when they are functional as … [Read more...]

Hot Gift Idea – Put A Forza Motorsport 5 Game Under The Tree and M&M’s In Their Stockings! Then Buy-Snap-Redeem

Know anyone who might be getting an Xbox One for Christmas?  Be their hero and put a Forza Motorsport 5 under their tree.   You will be the most loved "Giver of Video Games"! Microsoft confirmed that it had sold at least one million Xbox One consoles within its first 24 hours of availability. In the US, the Xbox One was also the highest-selling console during the Black Friday sales period.  And the hot game?  Forza Motorsport 5! Ever … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Energizer Batteries – What Every Parent Needs For The Holidays! (US, Ends 12/17)

I remember when I first saw the Energizer Bunny, do you?  He was so adorable, twirling those drumsticks and going, and going, and going!  I'm amazed to know that it has been 25 years since the Energizer Bunny drummed his way into our living rooms in a 1989 commercial series! That pink dude is an official icon.  Did you know in 2006 the Oxford English Dictionary added Energizer Bunny to its lexicon?  The definition is: Energizer Bunny n.: … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Angry Birds Star Wars for XBox 360 – Amazon’s 2013 Best Gifts for Kids (US, Ends 12/16)

Welcome to the Santa's Little Helper Giveaway Hop, hosted by Viva Veltoro and So Easy Being Green! If you are one of my regular readers, thank you! Entering will be easy, once you follow KLY on social media you can just click away. If you’re new here, I have to warn you – you’ll soon find yourself saying, “I’m so lucky I found that!” Kelly’s Lucky You is a place to find out about the newest, latest products (and some old favorites) that will … [Read more...]

Top Five Christmas Present Ideas for Your Favorite Pet or Someone Who Loves Their Fur-baby!

My daughter, Rosie, was asking for a pet for the last few years, but she had to wait until she was old enough (which means responsible enough) to take care of it (which means pick up poop).  When she turned seven, we added a baby Maltese puppy to our family.  Maggie has been a wonderful addition - giving us so much laughter and joy.  My daughter is over-the-moon in love with her little dog and very proud to be Maggie's "person". "Of course, … [Read more...]

Find Your “Ex-ZACT” Fit with Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores + Zact

"Ex-ZACT" Fit Best Buy is excited to launch a no contract smart mobile service with nationwide coverage that lets you completely customize and save - right from your device- it's called Zact. Working off the Sprint cellular and data network, Zact provides customers with nationwide coverage while allowing them to pick their voice, texting, and data plans à la carte. Have you looked at your cell phone usage reports lately?  If you are like … [Read more...]

Giveaway: iLuv Syren! Hot Gift Ideas for the Holidays – Stylish and Quality Accessories for Your New and Fave Devices! (US, Ends 12/14)

“We are delighted to provide holiday shoppers with such a wide selection of mobile accessories,” said Jason Park, Marketing Manager at iLuv. “With this year’s gifts, our customers have the opportunity to enhance their new and favorite devices with stylish and quality accessories.” Do you know a special someone getting a new tech device for the holidays?  They will also have accessories on their wish list. These are the hot new products that are … [Read more...]

Gift Idea: Speck Card Case – Phone, Identification, Credit Cards All-in-One Place Without Bulky Wallets

I've been using a Speck Candyshell Card phone case for my cell phone for several months now.  At least half of the time I pay for something and pull my credit card out of the back of my phone, someone remarks about how convenient that is.  Before you know it, I'm spelling I'm finding that there are so many times when all I need is my phone, driver's license and credit card.  With the Speck case, that fits in just the … [Read more...]

Chicago Toy & Game Fair at Navy Pier, Sunday 11/24! #ChiTagFair

  I had a blast at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair today!  The fun continues on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.  If you are in Chicago, enjoy a day at Navy Pier and check it out. My day started with meeting the inventor of the Bop It! game.  Did you know that he originally invented a remote control?  He's holding a mock up of the original design in the picture above.  You would "bop" left or right for channel up and down.  The other … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Disney Infinity – Randall from Monsters University Figure (US, Ends 12/14)

  There are so many amazing features of the new Disney Infinity video game that it's hard to know where to begin!  I was able to play it at a Disney event a few months ago and was blown away by the graphics, the potential for play options, the features...  It's a revolution in video gaming.  Here are my favorite things about it that make it unique: Disney/Pixar characters You can play with the characters you know and love from … [Read more...]

Name Your Deal at RadioShack This Holiday Season – Now That’s a HOT Deal! #MC #sponsored

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and then it's a fast slide to Christmas.  Have you written out your list?  Have you bought that first gift yet?  I am trying to get that "Wow!" response to the gifts I give my family this year.  As easy as it is to check off items from their list, I like to go off-list and get a fun surprise gift too. We are a gadget-lovin' family!  All of us have some kind of tech gift on our wish list this year.  And I … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Ogosport Super OgoDisk – You Will LOVE This Toy! (US, Ends 12/7)

The first time I tried this toy, the OgoSport Disk, was at the Chicago Toy Fair and I fell in love.  It combines every sport with a ball and racket with trampolines and frisbees.  Just FUN!  And it will grow with your skill level and/or the age and talents of the players.  There is so much you can do with this toy.  You can play by yourself, with one or with twenty other players. I'm getting ahead of myself, *I'm excited!*.  Here are some … [Read more...]

Why Best Buy Is Your Holiday Shopping Destination – Portable Speakers, Wireless Headphones, Activity Tracker, Toys and More!

Here’s why Best Buy is a great Holiday Shopping Destination: Best Buy is my destination for gifting needs this holiday and it should be yours, too!  The combination of and 1,400 stores offers us the option to touch, test, try and buy all the hottest gifts this year. Did you know Best Buy has more than 100 products that are ONLY available there?!  They have a market-leading selection of the hottest tablets, smartphones, gaming … [Read more...]

Giveaway: SpongeBob SquarePants Planktons Robotic Revenge for Nintendo DS (US, Ends 11/30)

Welcome to Kelly’s Lucky You! If you are one of my regular readers, thank you!  I appreciate each and every one of the people who use Kelly’s Lucky You to find out about the newest, latest products (and some old favorites) that will make your life easier, better or more fun. If you’re new here, I have to warn you – you’ll find yourself saying, “I’m so lucky I found that!” when you read about some of my favorites.  I try to do as many … [Read more...]

Perfect Pairing for Holiday Gift Giving: Moto X Phone and Fitbit Activity Tracker #MC #SprintMom #Sponsored

For the past weeks, I've been testing the Moto X phone from Motorola and Sprint and the fitbit flex wireless activity + sleep tracker.  Here is my take on what I think is a perfect pairing for holiday gift giving!  First, the Moto X! Design The feel of the phone is what impressed me most.  I didn't know it until I started writing this post, but Motorola measured hundreds of hands before they finalized the shape of the Moto X.  No wonder it … [Read more...]

Activision Family Game Summit Today! Breaking News: Duck Dynasty Game in Development and More!

Activision hosted a fun event in New York City today and I watched the live broadcast.  Activision game developers and other staff were joined by Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty to talk about video games and making it a family fun activity to play. They talked about the latest and greatest games, as well as giving some tips to families on how to safely enjoy video games. Here are my five favorite tips from the summit: Tip #1 :  keep … [Read more...]