Things To Do In Vancouver Canada Before Your Alaska Cruise #DisneyCruise

Our Disney cruise to Alaska sailed from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  We decided to arrive the day before so we could have a relaxing embarkation process and be rested for our first day.  When you do online check-in for a Disney Cruise, you are given a time to board the ship.  We chose the earliest time available to us, which was 11:30 am.  The more time on board, the better!  We didn't want to take any chance of missing the sailing … [Read more...]

First Time At Walt Disney World? Here’s Some Tips From Me and From My Daughter!

I'm packing for my first Disney cruise and one of my favorite people is packing for her first trip to Walt Disney World. So let's share tips, readers! What do you recommend for first time cruisers? It's my first time going to Alaska AND my first time on a cruise. What do you recommend for first time Disney World vacationers? And, if it's not mentioned here, share a tip for my friend who is going to Walt Disney World for the first time. … [Read more...]

How We Chose Our Alaskan Cruise – Things To Consider When Deciding On A Cruise Line and Cruise Ship

Dream come true... for years I've dreamed of going to Alaska. Now we're going to go! Early in our marriage, my husband and I talked about someday seeing the wilds of this beautiful destination, Alaska.  Sean has been watching Gold Rush, Build It Alaska, and other reality tv shows that take place in Alaska and aching to see this amazing land for himself.   I'm so excited that this dream of seeing Alaska will actually be coming true! The … [Read more...]

Top 5 Chicago Places To Make Priceless Memories #LoveThisCity #Priceless #MC

  What do you think of when you hear "Chicago"? Windy City... Chicago Cubs... Chicago Fire... Lakeshore... Home. Even as a native Chicagoan, I still get goosebumps when I turn onto Lakeshore Drive and see the skyline and the lake.  Chicago is such a beautiful city.  We don't have the weather of Los Angeles or the size of New York, but actually it is those things that make it special.  Our changing seasons provide beautiful … [Read more...]

Chicago’s Field Museum – Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair Exhibit

1893.  There were only 44 states.  Grover Cleveland took over as President of the United States, replacing Benjamin Harrison.  The first college basketball game was in 1893.  Women won't get the vote until 1920.  One of the first talking pictures, The Jazz Singer, won't be made until 1927.  The Lincoln Park zoo was open but it had swans and a bear; the Lion House didn't open until 1912; and the Primate House in 1927.  The light bulb had … [Read more...]

Building Blocks 17th Anniversary Sale Sunday – Hurry!

Looking for something fun to do in Chicago today? Check out the Building Blocks Toy Store! It's a true neighborhood toy store ( not aisles in a huge supercenter, not a warehouse) that is jam-packed with fun and every imaginable kind of toy. From the classics.... ...dress up favorites... ...plush... ...the latest craze... ... even room decor...  and always FUN! … [Read more...]

A Truly Priceless Experience At Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field #PricelessChicago #MC

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play on a major league baseball field? What is it like to sit in the press box or the dugout? What does the famous ivy at Wrigley Field look like up close? Have you ever followed in the footsteps of one of your childhood heroes? Rosie and I can answer those questions and more!  Because I'm a MasterCard holder, we were able to attend the "Tour & Play Catch" Priceless Moment event at Wrigley Field … [Read more...]

Why Run? No One Is Chasing Me…

That's what I used to think.  Why run?  If no one is chasing me, I'm not going to run.  I remember different times when a bus was coming, or I had to catch a train to work and I would walk.  It is not worth getting sweaty, out-of-breath, or tired!  It's hard to run.  Why would anyone want to do that?  It's bad for your knees, it's hard on your body, blah, blah, blah. Then, as I wrote about in a prior post (How Disney Change My Life - … [Read more...]

A Multi-Generational Vacation Everyone Enjoyed

My daughter and I were lucky to go on another trip to Walt Disney World in July.  On this trip, we traveled with family ranging in age from 7 to 85 and everyone enjoyed themselves!  There are many options at Walt Disney World in Orlando and something for everyone.  Our pace may have been slower than on other trips, but at Walt Disney World enjoying the journey -  details appreciated details as you go along - is often as beneficial and seeing … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Crayola “Get Out and Create” Gift Pack (Ends 8/22, US)

Summer fun!  I wish it could be summer forever...  We are having such an great summer and I'm not ready for it to end.  What are you doing to enjoy the freedom and fun of summer?  Have you done sidewalk chalk drawings yet?  It's one of our staples!  Crayola asked me if I wanted to do a review and giveaway of their 24-pk of Washable Sidewalk Chalk, I knew this was something Rosie and I would love.  Crayola sent us the "Get Out and Create" … [Read more...]

Ernie Banks? Priceless Moment for MasterCard Holders! @MasterCard #Priceless #Chicago and #MC

Thanks to MasterCard, I had the opportunity to attend a special event with Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs.  I'm still pinching myself, I can't believe I had dinner with Ernie Banks.  I.Had.Dinner.With.Ernie.Banks.  Not 50 people and he was in the room, not sitting at a head table.  Ernie Banks sat down and chatted with me and 15 other people, for almost two hours.  This was a Priceless Moment.  A once-in-a-lifetime Priceless Chicago … [Read more...]

What’s in Your Vacation Daypack? Here’s a Peek at Mine for @WaltDisneyWorld #DisneySMMoms

Rosie and I went to Walt Disney World for their Social Media Moms Celebration, what a magical trip!  One of the things that made it comfortable for everyone was being prepared with a well-stocked daypack. Best tip:  Keep a list in the daypack of the items you need, so you can check each morning and replace any missing items. What do you keep in your vacation daypack?  Here's a peek at mine! Identification and Money Driver's … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Tell Your Kids, “You’re Going to Disney!”

I'm guessing that there will be parents planning trips to a Disney park soon. Have you thought about fun ways to tell kids you are going on a Disney vacation? I've been "researching" and found some ideas then put my own lucky twist on them! Our trip to Walt Disney World was the highlight of 2012 for us! It is truly a magical place. My daughter loves going there, but I'm not sure that I don't love it more than she does! Seeing the look on her … [Read more...]

Chicago Traditions? …. Priceless! Special Access Not Available to the General Public? #PricelessChicago

Christmas season My prettiest dress, my shiniest shoes Going into the city, tall buildings, hustle and bustle The decorations, the bright colors, the fancy elevator Wow, the giant tree, the sparkling lights The white tablecloths, silver and china Mommy speaking in hushed tones and treating me like a princess It's like a fairy tale. Those are my memories of the times my mom and I would go into Chicago for lunch at the Walnut Room, under … [Read more...]

Cal Ripken Jr. In Chicago – Change Your Clocks, Change Your Battery #CYCCYB

My daughter and I heard the story of the Great Chicago Fire and some fire safety tips today from Cal Ripken Jr. and the Energizer crew.  October 8th will be the 141st anniversary of the day Mrs. O'Leary's cow knocked over the lantern and started the blaze that leveled 3.3 miles of city buildings and took hundreds of lives in Chicago.  The Chicago Water Tower was one of the few buildings to survive the fire, and that was the site of an event … [Read more...]

Looking To Get Away For A Weekend? Castaway Bay and @CedarPoint #Halloweekends Are Spooky Good!

We are trying to ease into this school-year thing.  Trying to ease into summer's-over-but-I-don't-want-it-to-be...  A weekend at Cedar Point gave our family the perfect getaway!  Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio is celebrating Halloween in a BIG way.  The fall/Halloween decorations were outstanding. We stayed at Castaway Bay, which is a Cedar Point property but it is a very short drive away from the park.  We chose it because it has an … [Read more...]