Twitter Party Alert! #MyPicknSave 1/21 7 PM CT/8 PM ET – Prizes: $500 GCs!

Twitter Party Alert!  #MyPicknSave 1/21 7 PM CT/8 PM ET - Prizes:  $500 GCs! Photo Credit:  This Grand Adventure - - Let's talk wellness, nutrition, and fitness for a healthy lifestyle in 2014!  Pick 'n Save health keyâ„¢ is a new way to help you shop that makes it easier to find the foods that are healthier for you or fit your health restrictions.  Color-coded … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #WowThatsGood 1/15 12:00 PM ET – Prizes: $500 GCs!


Twitter Party Alert!  #WowThatsGood 1/5 12:00 PM ET - Prizes: $500 GCs!   Did you make New Year's Resolutions?  The most popular goals are eating or health related.  I know one of my priorities this year is to make better choices about what I eat.  Often times, it isn't necessarily that difficult to get back on track and eat less - it just involves smart shopping and exploring different options.  There are products on the grocery … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert-Canada Only! #HMVHoliday 12/18 7:00 PM ET – Prizes: $500 hmv GCs! RSVP Here!

  Join me at the #HMVHoliday Twitter Party!   hmv is your destination for gifting during the holidays!  Everyone has music CD's DVD's or music accessories on their wish list and hmv can help you make those wishes come true.  With over 80 years of music retailing history and 400+ stores worldwide, hmv is the world's premier retailer of music, DVD, video games, books and more. Our family loves holiday music and buy several new … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #MyMarianos 12/17 8:00 PM CT – Prizes $500 GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #MyMarianos Twitter Party!   PHOTO CREDIT: East 9th Street Add a personal touch to your gift-giving this holiday season by creating custom gifts straight from the kitchen.  With quality ingredients from Mariano's, you can impress those special people on your list with delicious and beautiful gifts.  Whether you cook an old family recipe or combine specialty treats from Mariano's into an amazing gift basket, presents … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #DReadeHSY CHOCOLATE! 12/10 7PM ET – Prizes $500 Visa! RSVP Here!

Disclosure: I received compensation and information about dark chocolate from The Hershey Company. All opinions expressed within are my own.   Join me at the #DReadeHSY Twitter Party!   Please join me at the #DReadeHSY Twitter  Party for a fun chat about dark chocolate!  We’ll discuss the variety of Hershey’s dark chocolate products available at Duane Reade and how a few squares of perfectly proportioned dark chocolate are … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #LoveMyPhilly 12/13 1:00 PM ET – Prizes $500 Sam’s Club GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #LoveMyPhilly Twitter Party! When shopping at Sam's Club, you'll find Philadelphia Cream Cheese now available in  4 packs rather than  2 packs!  It is the same amount of product and the same price point, however, four packs instead of three helps you keep the product fresh longer.  How smart is that?!  With this new packaging, your favorite cream cheese will stay fresh longer. How do you use Philadelphia Cream Cheese? … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #ThisisStyle 12/6 7:30 PM ET – Prizes $500 GCs! RSVP Here!

  Join me at the #ThisisStyle Twitter Party!   The holidays are here!  We're going to be talking holiday fashion.  What to wear during the holiday season from "dressing up" to "dressing down" and everything in between.  Are you excited about 2013 Fashion Trends?  We'll help you get the look, share tips on how to wear it, and wear to shop to get the look for less. This twitter party will be a first for me - we will have … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #MyPicknSave 11/18 12pm CT/1pm ET – Prizes Packer/Viking Tix and $300 GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #MyPicknSave Twitter Party!   Pick 'n Save is the official grocery store of the Green Bay Packers and the perfect choice for your Thanksgiving dinner shopping! One lucky winner at the #MyPicknSave twitter party and their guest is going to be at the Green Bay Packers - Minnesota Vikings football game on November 24th.  Now that will be a story to tell around the Thanksgiving table! At the #MyPicknSave twitter … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #KraftEssentials 11/20 1PM ET – Prizes $500 Walmart GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #KraftEssentials Twitter Party!   The Thanksgiving holiday season is right around the corner.  That means entertaining, going to parties, cooking, baking, shopping - whew!  It is the best time of year but also the busiest.  How many times do you find yourself running late with no time for making dinner and cooking "out-of-the-pantry"?  It helps to keep a stock of those go-to products that will help you make quick and … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #SIMPLEGiving 11/6 2:00pm CT/ 3:00pm ET – Prizes $500 Walmart GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #SIMPLEGiving Twitter Party! What is SIMPLE Giving? SIMPLE Giving is a Champions for Kids program that makes it simple for you to donate items to help kids in their community! You can purchase items at your local Walmart and drop them in purple donation bins after checkout. All of the donations go to children in the school district where the Walmart store is located!  Personal care items are needed like tissues, hand wipes, … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #MyPicknSave 10/29 12pm CT/1pm ET – Prizes $500! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #MyPicknSave Twitter Party! Are you ready for Halloween?  It's right around the corner and it's time to shop.  There's nothing scarier than hungry kids and nothing for them to eat!  You can check the recipes on the Pick 'n Save website and shop for ingredients to create Halloween-inspired dishes of your own.  Or go to your nearest Pick 'n Save store for convenient, ready-to-serve party food that will make your preparation … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #ThisisStyle 10/22 8PM ET – Prizes $500 in Sears GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #ThisisStyle Twitter Party!   I love looking through Fashion Blogs to find out the 2013 Fashion Trends.  I'm excited about Fall Fashion!  It's always fun when the seasons change.  Whether you are just adding a few pieces to refresh last year's wardrobe or starting from scratch, Sears can make you feel like a fashionista without breaking your budget. About six years ago, I started going regularly to Sears for my daughter's … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #rubi2go 10/16 1PM ET – Prizes $500 in Walmart GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #rubi2go Twitter Party!   Rubi combines innovative technology with traditional brewing techniques to deliver great coffee. Your on-demand cup starts with fresh, premium-quality whole beans roasted to perfection. Rubi runs them through a Swiss-made burr grinder seconds before immersing them in filtered hot water for maximum freshness. The grounds are steeped in our French press style brew chamber at exactly the right temperature … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #MyPicknSave 9/26 1:00 PM ET – $500 in GC Prizes! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #MyPicknSave Twitter Party!     Are you excited about fall season parties?   Are there football fans in your family?   Pick n' Save can help you with ideas, recipes, and fresh ingredients that will make every fall party a hit! Twitter parties about food are my favorites and I'm thrilled to be hosting this one.  I hope you'll join me to tweet about delicious, fun treats especially for tailgating, … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #Fiskars4Kids 9/18 1PM ET – Prizes: $500 in Walmart GCs! RSVP Here!

 Join me at the #Fiskars4Kids Twitter Party! We'll be discussing great ways to help inspire and equip kids' creativity as well as giving away FIVE $100 Walmart Gift Cards! Teaching my daughter to help those in need is a priority of mine.  I grew up with parents that put an emphasis on volunteering and gratitude.  Whether it was through the church, school, or community, they emphasized the importance of helping others that were … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #WalgreensAnswers 8/10 2PM ET – (5) $100 Walgreens GC Prizes! RSVP Here!

Join in the #WalgreensAnswers party for fun conversation and chance to win great prizes! Follow along and join in by following #WalgreensAnswers on your Twitter feed or create your own custom view with TweetDeck and our Party Host Twitter List! Find help and tips to set up a custom view of our #WalgreensAnswers party via this link: Who to follow: Me @KellysLuckyYou (host) and Kat @amomsimpression (cohost) Where: … [Read more...]