Celebrate The End Of Winter & Create A Lawn You Can Love With TruGreen #MC #TruGreen

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Did you do anything crazy this winter because you had had e-n-o-u-g-h of the cold weather and snow?  Maybe knock the head off a snowman or throw your shovel into a snow bank?  Well, hopefully the last signs of winter are melting away!  Tomorrow it’s going to be warm and sunny – I can’t wait to get outside.

What does your outdoor space look like?  TruGreen, an industry leader and the nation’s largest lawn care company, wants to help families across America transform their backyards into an idyllic outdoor space with springtime tips and webisodes.  The majority (61 percent) of homeowners share that “springtime makes me excited to work in my yard,” according to TruGreen’s Lawn Lifestyles National Survey.  In addition, the majority (69 percent) of Americans surveyed report that “seeing a green lawn in springtime makes me feel hopeful.”   Bring on the hope!

Now through April 18, 2014, TruGreen is giving away fantastic prizes to get America’s backyards ready for spring. Enter the TruGreen Backyard Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 30 daily prizes, including outdoor grills, fire pits and lawn furniture.  My favorite prize is the grand prize!  Are you ready for this?  A grand prize $10,000 backyard makeover by TV host Jason Cameron!  Wooooo-hoooooo, I would love that!
“We listened when Americans shared that their lawns are the ideal setting for spending time with family and friends,” said TruGreen Chief Marketing Officer Kari Rajaniemi. “With the TruGreen Backyard Makeover Sweepstakes, we are giving homeowners a unique chance to transform their outdoor living rooms.”
Watch the webisode below entitled,  “Outdoor Living”.  It highlights homeowners’ outdoor spring habits for creating great memories and suggestions for addressing invasive weeds.  Ben Hamza, Ph.D., TruGreen expert and director of technical operations, says, “One of the best ways to eliminate weeds, such as dandelions, is to thicken up your lawn and improve its health.”

TruGreen takes a scientific approach to a lawn you’ll love with Ph.D. agronomists developing the training for each TruGreen certified lawn specialist. TruGreen’s specialized lawn services are designed to specifically meet your lawn’s needs at key stages throughout the year based on climate, grass type, soil condition and usage.
We’ve been TruGreen customers for many years and have seen the results first hand.  We can see the difference very clearly from our lush, green front yard compared to our neighbors who care for their yard on their own.  You can put in a lot of work, but without the technical expertise of someone like TruGreen, you may not be able to get the kind of lawn you dream of.
And don’t forget to enter the TruGreen Backyard Makeover Sweepstakes!  Good luck!
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