Color vs Clear: The Great Christmas Tree Light Debate – Review of Balsam Hill Trees

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We made the BIG switch this year from a natural Christmas tree to an artificial.  Every year when we would take out the tree and spend hours cleaning up needles and mess, we would say, “Next year, it’s time!”  But then a year would pass and the memory would fade, we’d get a “real” tree again.  Well, this year we have new flooring in our family room and I didn’t want to christen it with pine sap.  It’s time.

balsam hill

Although we were moving to an artificial tree, I still wanted the feel of a natural tree.  My favorite type was a Frasier and I knew that is the kind I wanted.  Somewhere I had heard good things about the company, Balsam Hill.  Perhaps a blog review….  I went to their website and started reading all the testimonials, getting more and more convinced.

“Highly Realistic”


“Created with care to ensure quality and longevity”

That’s exactly what I wanted!

“From the asymmetrical branch design right down to the subtle color changes and texture of our branch tips, you won’t believe how much our trees mimic the real thing. Using nature as their guide, our designers model the silhouette and branch tips of our Signature Collections trees off of natural evergreen species. With our exclusive TRUE NEEDLEâ„¢ TECHNOLOGY, the trees in our four Signature Collections have foliage that is carefully crafted to match the subtle color variations and feel of your favorite natural trees.”

Balsam Hill CloseUp

The more I read, the more excited I was about a Balsam Hill tree.  Among the benefits of an artificial tree, I loved the idea of being able to have a longer season – put the tree up earlier and leave it up longer – than we could have with a natural tree.  Another benefit was we would be able to have a pre-lit tree instead of stringing and removing lights every year.

Balsam Hill Collage

Then, I saw something I had never heard of before – and it convinced me that a Balsam Hill tree was exactly what I wanted.  Balsam Hill has three choices for the lights (in addition to unlit):

  • Clear Lights – These are my favorite.  I love the look of a tree with all white, clear lights.  It’s bright, snowy, and beautiful!
  • Multi-color Lights – Shine with bright jewel-tone colors.  These are my husband’s favorite.
  • Color + Clear Lights – BOTH!!!  EITHER!!!  The Color + Clear trees are wired with both clear and color lights.   They come with a remote that let’s you switch between the two!

Lights Remote

For years (every year we’ve know each other), my husband and I have the GREAT CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS QUESTION (BATTLE).  And he wins.  Every year.  Every year, I’ve wanted clear lights, and I fall and give in to colored lights.  Well, no more!  Now, when I’m home and grab the tree remote,  (Yes, a remote!!) , I put on the clear lights.  *sigh* It’s beautiful.  Then when Sean comes home, he switches to “All” and puts on the colored and the clear.  It is still beautiful – especially since I know I can switch it back if I want.

Assembly Collage

Assembly went smoothly.  Balsam Hill is professionally designed to make it easy to put together a beautiful tree.  The sections were clearly numbered.  The tree came with storage bags for after we take it down.  (Which will be as late as possible!)  Balsam Hill also sells wreaths, garlands, potted trees and more home decor.

baby cypress

Wreaths and Garland


For more information and to check out sale prices visit:

Balsam Hill Website

Balsam Hill on Facebook

Balsam Hill on Twitter


  1. 1

    It looks like a great tree and it must be nice to have no needles all over.

  2. 2
    vickie couturier says:

    im a colored ligt person,,don’t mind a few white lights but I love the twinkling colors

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