Components of a Bathroom Makover – Don’t Forget the Mirror! @BMirrorsDirect

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I hope you enjoyed seeing my bathroom makeover!  If you are interested in redoing your own bathroom and looking for decor and products, here are some ideas!

Bathroom Mirror

If you look at the mirror in my “before” picture, and the mirror in my “after” picture, you can see that it made a significant difference in the look of the room!

A trend I’ve noticed in decorating magazines has been to go with a square mirror, and I love it!  I ended up going with a framed bathroom mirror and love the combination of wood with the reflective surface of the mirror.  If you are shopping for a bathroom mirror, Bathroom Mirrors has a great selection of styles and many mirrors on sale.

Isn’t this one gorgeous?

This is another of my favorites, that would give a powder room such a glam feel!

Don’t be shy about size when you’re shopping for a bathroom mirror.  So often, bathrooms are small, dark rooms and a mirror is not only functional.  It is a decor tool, that helps you add space, style and light to a room.  A mirror like the one below can even add movement to a room.


There were so many options to choose from when it came to the sink, vanity and faucet.  I learned that they come in pieces – the top, the cabinet, the sink, and the faucet can be sold in a set, but most often are separate pieces.  I used different manufacturer’s or my faucet than the rest of the ensemble.  For the plumbing, I wanted a reliable,  high quality product.  Plumbing problems are not something that I want to have to deal with now or in a few years.  I wanted a faucet that was made well, would last, and made by a company that not only would be around, but had excellent customer service.  For the vanity, I wasn’t nearly as concerned about the manufacturer.  I wanted it to be stylish and well-made and at a great price point.  I found an online bargain with this one and was willing to take a chance because with a vanity, what you see is what you get.  But with a faucet, I can’t really see the quality.  The outside may look fine, but the inside is as important as the outside.  With a Delta brand faucet, I felt comfortable that I could not only feel good about the quality, but also have a customer service organization where I could turn for help if I needed it.

If you are doing your own makeover, I would recommend searching for a vanity bargain, but for the faucet?  Go with a name you trust, like Delta Faucets.

Wall Decor

In keeping with the modern look of the other components in the room, I decided to keep wall decor at a minimum.  I have a tendency to want to put something on every open wall and it can “close-in” a small room like this.  With the botanical theme I have in my living room/family room continued into the bath, the metal tree worked out perfectly!

Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that this is a sponsored post by Bathroom Mirrors


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    These look so nice. My bathroom needs a re-do and fast!
    Janice recently posted..Chocolate Covered Strawberries – So Easy!

  2. 2

    Your before and after pictures are like night and day! Love your makeover. We would love to do our powder room so I am definitley going to check out @BMirrorsDirect!

  3. 3

    One of the things we have NOT done so far in our bathroom remodel is get a mirror for over the sink. Love the photos of your makeover. Our master bath sink looks just like your old one.
    Laura O in AK recently posted..7 Quick Takes Meme

  4. 4

    Awesome! I want to fix my house too!

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