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About me:  I’m married with a 9 year old daughter and live in the Chicago area.  I worked as an accountant until my daughter’s adoption was completed and now I’m thrilled to be a stay-at-home mom.

About Kelly’s Lucky You (KLY)
:  KLY is a fun, energetic blog providing information to my readers about family fun, bargains, contests, new products – things that make you feel lucky.  I also do entertainment reviews:  books, movies, television and music.  And of course winning giveaways make everyone feel lucky, so there are lots of those!  KLY hosts hundreds of giveaways each year, connecting thousands of readers to great products.

PR Friendly!

A company’s resources available for marketing are limited and I will do my best to give your company effective exposure and reach through the opportunities I can offer.

Product Reviews and Giveaways

I love to share product information with my readers.  If you send me a sample of your product, I will promptly share my opinions and information about you and your products in a blog post.  The title of my blog is “Lucky You” not “Lucky Me”, so I rarely do a product review without a giveaway.  I also feel strongly that giveaways market your product or service more effectively than simple reviews.  Entries in the giveaway will generally include a requirement to visit your site.  If you have other requests, please let me know and I will include them in my post.  Linkys, forums, twitter and facebook are the means I use to promote all giveaways and get the word out, even beyond my readership.

Banner / Button Ads / Text-Based Ads

Banner or Button Ads are available in the sidebar of Kelly’s Lucky You as well as text-based ads.  Please email me for prices at KellysLuckyYou at yahoo dot com.

Testimonial from a giveaway sponsor:  “Thank you for writing such an AWESOME review…  Lets stay in touch and run another giveaway down the road!”

Book review:  Thank you very much for your participation in my blog tour earlier this week. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review, especially the part about Amber and Paul’s relationship. You captured my intentions for the book completely! ~ June McCrary Jacobs, Author & Sewing Designer

Blog Statistics as of 12/18/2014

41,500+ Twitter Followers

18,500+ Facebook Fans

Pageviews from last 30 days:  21,789 (from Google Analytics)

Please contact me for any additional statistics.

KLY reserves the right to decline any product review, giveaway, or advertisement.

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