Curious George Dancing Contest! Two of My Daughter’s Fave Things Together #CuriousGeorgeMoms

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Are there any little kids that don’t like to dance?  Are there any little kids that don’t like Curious George?  Now we can put them together!

Curious George is one of my daughter, Rosie’s, favorite characters.  She has books, plush, dvds, watches the tv show and goes to for more Curious George!  It has been a favorite of many children over the years since the first book appeared in 1939.

During its sixth season on PBS Kids, the Curious George television series is featuring a special focus on the arts, including dance.  For the first time ever, Curious George is having a dance contest!  The winner will receive…. *whisper* this is so cool!… the winner’s dancing video will be included on a Curious George DVD!  And the winner may have an opportunity to meet Curious George in their own hometown.  The winner and runners up will also receive a Curious George Curiosity Kit consisting of Curious George book, Game, and DVD!

How do you enter?  Prepare for lots of giggles!  Take a video of your child or ward (age eight and under) dancing to the Curious George Theme Song which can be uploaded at the Contest Website.  Upload your video and complete the entry form  at the Contest Website.  That’s it!  Videos must be submitted by April 2nd.


“We love to see how kids are inspired by George’s contagious curiosity and unending enthusiasm,” says Senior Vice President of Animation Production for Universal Studios Family Productions Ellen Cockrill. “Through movement and dance, kids can be creative, curious, and may even discover a new passion or artistic outlet. We’re excited to see what kids come up with.”

Everyone knows how bad it can be for your health to spend too much time sitting on the couch watching television or playing video games.  Even for more than weight management, children need to be active for social reasons and for development.  Dancing is a great way to express emotions.

“Children need to move. Not just for their physical selves, but also for social, emotional and cognitive development,” says Rae Pica, children’s activity specialist. “You can promote your child’s fitness, self-confidence, learning, and much more. All you have to do is dance!”

There are some awesome ideas to make dancing fun for your whole family at the contest website’s section about the benefits of dance.  Here are some of my favorites but please go check it out for yourself, there are many ideas!

Freeze Dance

Dance like you can’t stop while the music is on, then stop it suddenly and everyone has to freeze like a statue.  The poses you find yourself in can be silly and very funny!

Add-on Dance

Each person “adds-on” another step and dancers are eliminated if they can’t remember all the steps.  For example, dancer one “stomps their feet three times”, dancer two repeats that and adds “spin around”, dancer three has to repeat all those steps and adds another, etc.

Sing Along

There are quite a few children’s music artists that also appeal, okay at least can be tolerated, to adults.  Our favorite is Laurie Berkner.  George adds Dan Zanes, Putamayo Music, and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Monkey Moves

Monkey Moves, on  is designed to get you up and moving away from the keyboard! There are eight different simple routines, each with a fun “signature move” and sound. Practice that move first, then get ready for the whole routine. Each three-step routine plays through three times, then speeds up for a silly challenge. Try all eight, and get a great monkey workout with George! Monkey Moves is kind of like Simon Says.  You can also get some friends and family together for “George Says,” and create your own funny monkey moves for everyone to do!  (Rosie is doing Monkey Moves right now, as I type this!)

About Curious George, the television series. Curious George is designed to inspire kids to explore science, math, and engineering in the world around them in a fun and entertaining way. Based on the best-selling Curious George books by Margret and H.A. Rey, the daily series on PBS KIDS expands George’s world to include a host of colorful characters and original locales, while maintaining the charm of the beloved books. Each half-hour episode includes two animated stories followed by short live-action pieces showing real kids who are investigating the ideas that George introduces in his stories. The series encourages inquiry and curiosity, promotes hands-on exploration, and shows parents and caregivers how to support children’s science and math-related play.

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