Cypher Entertainment’s Augmented Reality Learning Cards at Target! Cypher Kids Club i3D Interactive Cards! #CypherKidsClub #CBias

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Cypher Entertainment has a new augmented reality product available at Target called Cypher Kids Learning Cards.  Rosie and I have been playing with the Wild Animal Adventures set and as you can see from the look on her face, she loves them!

Have you seen augmented reality before?  It fascinates me!  Applications like the Cypher Kids Club Learning Cards go way beyond that yellow line you see during football games to mark a first down!  When you hold a smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device in front of the cards, 3D images “pop out”.  They move, talk, react – it’s incredible!  And as impressed as I am with seeing it on an iPhone, I can only imagine what it would be like seeing the animals with a bigger device, such as an iPad.

Rosie is consistently delighted when she plays with these cards.  She is intrigued by the images and then “kept there” by the facts told by the narrator as she views the animals.  When she first saw the cards, she had difficulty choosing which one to look at first – there are so many of her favorites.  She ended up settling on Parrot, Dolphin, Arctic Wolf and Shark.  But kept saying , “Ooh, wait!” and picking up more cards.  It was fun to see her excitement.


When you open the app, you have a choice of Exploration or Snapshots.  While I found it fascinating to position the creatures into the background of our home, Rosie was much more interested in hearing about the habits and sounds of the Parrot, than making it look like it was perched on top of our pumpkins!

The Wild Animal Adventures that we’ve been playing with and the Numbers and the Letters are all available at Target.  I had a bit of difficulty finding them, and two employees I talked to had never heard of them.  When you go to your Target, look in the iPhone/iPad accessories area in the Entertainment/Electronics department.  They retail for $29.99 and the app download is free.

The cards are a nice heavy-duty weight and I think will last a long time, holding up to little fingers.  The choices of animals are excellent and certainly held Rosie’s interest.  I also like that this is non-gender specific.  Last weekend, one of Rosie’s cousins commented on how her room and toys were so “girly” and it’s true, we do tend to lean towards pink, purple and princesses.  The Cypher Kids Club is interesting for girls and boys equally.  If you are looking for a gift this holiday season that will illicit a “WOW” from a special child in your life, the Cypher Kids Club i3D Interactive Cards will definitely do that!  I would recommend though that you download the app (or tell the parent) beforehand.  Having to wait for a download is always a wet blanket on any kid’s excitement.  I had a bit of a glitch when I tried to download, I didn’t realize that my iPhone didn’t have the latest software.  It took a few hours to upgrade and that wouldn’t be fun waiting for any child!

Some augmented reality apps I’ve used have been easier than others to use.  Some seem to require just the perfect angle and the image will disappear if you move the viewing device in the wrong way.  With the Cypher Kids Club i3D Interactive Cards, I loved how quickly and easily the image popped up when I focused the phone on the card and that it stayed on, even when I moved the phone.  I didn’t need to keep the iPhone trained on the card in order to see the image or hear the narration.

Rosie’s birthday is coming up next month and she decided that instead of a party with her friends, she would like to put the party money toward buying an iPod Touch.  At first I thought she was too young, but she has a history of taking very good care of her toys.  Right now, she uses my phone as often as she can, and this gift might be as much for me as for her!  Since hearing about the iPad Mini yesterday, we might decide to go with that.  Especially with apps like this, a bigger screen would enhance the experience that is already very cool with an iPhone.  I recommend that you go to the Cypher Kids Club Website to see if your device is compatible.  I emailed them with a question about mine and they answered me promptly and helpfully!

To see all the photos from my shopping trip, take a peek at my Target Shopping Trip for #CypherKidsClub Google + Photo Album!

For more information:

Cypher Kids Club Website

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    I think the Parrot on the pumpkins is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

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