Dancing With the Stars – New Lineup of Stars

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Do like watching Dancing With The Stars? Sean is addicted to it and I usually will watch with him. ABC announced tonight the new cast for Season 10.

Are you like me – do you google the ages of all the contestants? Well, I’ll save you the trouble this season, here’s the lineup, with all their ages:

Evan Lysacek (24)– We’ve been hearing his name frequently in the last week as he won the gold medal over Russian skater, Plushenko. Tall, dark, and handsome – it’ll be fun to see if he can dance as well on the floor as he can on the ice.

Aiden Turner (32)- known for his role as Aidan Devane on the daytime drama (okay, Soap!) All My Children. His daughter (real-life) is named Ciella. Isn’t that a beautiful name?

Jake Pavelka (32)- The current Bachelor, he proposed tonight to Vienna Giraldi. I thought for sure it was going to be Tenley. For jewelry fans, the ring was a Neil Lane design, princess cut. Oh, and she said yes.

Chad Ochocinco (32)- Yes, he is number 85 and his mom wasn’t prescient, he legally changed his name to reflect the numbers on his Cincinnati Bengals uniform. Okay…..

Buzz Aldrin (80)– He’s 80. Wow. Younger than Cloris Leachman, but wow, 80. Mr. Aldrin was the second person to walk on the moon but I’m not sure he’ll be able to make it to second place in this physical contest of DWTS.

Kate Gosselin (35)- I’ll tune in just to see her hair. I like Kate. I always thought she was unfairly judged just because she was the responsible one of the octoparents. But, then again, we’ll have to see what she’s like as a single mom, it’s a tough gig.

Shannen Doherty (37), Pamela Anderson (42), Nicole Scherzinger (31)- hmmm, is “bad girls” the right terminology? None of them are my particular favorites. Oh, in case you don’t recognize the names, Shannon is from Beverly Hills, 90210 and lots of Lifetime movies. Pamela, Baywatch and Nicole is one of the Pussycat Dolls.

Erin Andrews (31)– is an ESPN sportscaster, voted by Playboy as magazine as “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster”. She had notoriety last year due to an unauthorized video of her taken through a hotel peephole. She told Oprah, in a 2009 interview, that it was a “nightmare”.

Niecy Nash (40)– is a comedian. I recognize her from Clean House on the Style Network but she is arguably best known for portraying Deputy Williams on Reno 911!

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