Day One at the International Home + Housewares Show: What’s New at Contigo, Aladdin, Nambe and more!

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Saturday was opening day of the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago and I was in heaven!  The Show hosts over 2,100 exhibitors from around the world, all displaying their products for making our lives easier and more beautiful at home.  For four days, buyers, media and trade guests can explore what’s new and exciting in the varied array of housewares.  Here are some of my stand-outs from Day One:

Contigo BoothContigo for Me and MommyContigo Gyro

My new favorite drink cup is from Contigo. They have made one-handed, no-spill drinking a science. There booth featured a cool, gyroscope kinda thingie with drink cups (filled with liquid) spinning around and not spilling a drop! Yes, exactly what one child can, and will, do with their cup *sheepish grin*.

Aladdin 2


Aladdin 3I am always on the lookout for convenient solutions to pack kids lunches. Isn’t that a perpetual challenge for moms? I saw this innovative new packing solution at the Aladdin booth. It’s called the “Chill Lunch Box” and it has a freezer pod in the bottom that keeps food cold. I have a few lunch boxes at home for Rosie that she refuses to take to school because they are difficult to open. You know that tone of voice, when you are the lowest of the low, right? The word, “mom”, has about fifteen syllables. Well, you won’t be hearing that with this one! The latch makes it easy for little ones to open. The “Expandable Snack Containers” make storage a breeze. And, hey, they are just plain cute!

Nambe Cookware

Then move on to elegant. Isn’t that the best word to describe Nambe? Their designs are simple, unique, and instantly indentifiable. I’m excited to tell you that Nambe is now making cookware! Stunning cookware! And it’s even convenient because it is so beautiful that it is stovetop to table. The handles are a simple work of art. But in the true tradition of Nambe excellence, they also have all the features of the best cookware – 5 ply stainless steel with an aluminum core for fast, even heat distribution,, the handles are welded not riveted. The lid has “continuous basting nubs” for moist, evenly seasoned food.

Zing Anything

A newcomer is Zing Anything. If you like fruit infused water, you will love Zing Anything. My mouth was watering just seeing it demonstrated. The Zing Anything products are designed to extract the essence of all-natural, fresh ingredients. The flavors, aroma, and nutrients are infused into the liquid. I can’t wait to try one!

Stackable Appetizer 2Stackable Appetizer 3

Stackable Appetizer 1

When I first saw this product in an email, honestly, I wasn’t too excited. Then I saw what it makes! Whoa! This simple little thing, takes simple ingredients, and makes anything-but-simple appetizers! When I look at the result, I think, “oh, I could never make that”. But with the 5 Minute Stackable Appetizer Maker, I’m convinced that I could!

Lipper Coffee Drawer

Every once in awhile, walking through the show, I find myself saying, “Wow, that’s smart.” And that’s what I said when I saw this coffee pod storage drawer from a company called Lipper. Your Keurig machine sits on top of it and you open the drawer to get your little pods. I have a holder that sits next to my Keurig and takes up more room. This won’t add to the space occupied on your counter top and is well, just smart.

Make sure to check out Part 2 of the International Home + Housewares Show for a coffee table that converts to a fire pit, SnoreBeGone, new from Fresh Wave, Cake Boss, Keurig and more!


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