Day One: I Started, Well Re-Started @Nutrisystem! #NSNation

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YAY!  I’m so excited.  I have finally restarted on the Nutrisystem program.  I’ve been talking about it for 2 months.  But similar to joining a fitness center, or talking about a hike, it doesn’t work until you start.  (I still think you should get credit for passing up cheescake and paying for a fitness center – c’mon 5 pounds at least!) Planning and considering and evaluating are better than giving up, but the pounds don’t start to melt until I start to eat better or exercise more!

So, today is Day One *excited giggle*.  I had my breakfast and lunch.  Wanna see?  My favorite Nutrisystem breakfast is the Banana Nut Muffin (warmed in the microwave), a banana, and a cup of yogurt.  It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s yummy.  Perfect!

Lunch - Chicken and Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce with diced tomatoes, salad and green beans

This is my lunch – it’s the Nutrisystem Pasta and Chicken in Cacciatore Sauce.  I add fresh tomatoes, spices, and parmesan cheese to it.  To be honest, the Pasta and Chicken by itself?  Not one of my favorites.  But when I doctor it up, it’s okay.  And I like okay.  Sometimes, when I eat something I absolutely love, love, love like some of the frozen entrees, it makes me hungrier.  I know, it sounds goofy, but really, I’m best off with something that is okay, but I’m not begging for seconds.  My salad, on the other hand, was scrum-dilly-umptious.  Romaine, baby spinach, tomatoes, fat-free Italian dressing.  Yummy.  Then for my veggie, fresh green beans, steamed in the microwave….mmm, mmm, good.  Add some sparkling water with lemon and lime and wow, this is a better lunch than I usually have!  Doesn’t it look good?

Dinner and Snack - NS Flatbread Pizza (folded into sandwiches), carrots, green beans, apple, banana, yogurt, and NS Popcorn

This afternoon/tonight, we are going to be at a Corn Maze / Pumpkin farm with friends.  After playing games, getting lost in the maze, Rosie rides ponies and picks a pumpkin, we make a campfire and cook dinner.  Usually hot dogs or brats.  I thought I could take one of my Nutrisystem hot dogs, but decided instead to just pack a meal.  Flatbread Pizza, cut it into quarters and made sandwiches.  Cool, huh?  Then I added green beans, carrots, pecans and an apple.  My snack is a banana and yogurt ( I know, I had that for breakfast, but I love ’em both!).   One of the dessert options is popcorn.  This gives me plenty of things to “munch on” while everyone else is eating the campfire treats.  I think it should work out great!

It feels so good to be “on the path again”.  I can do this (talking to myself, again).  Ah, hope!

If you would like to join me on this journey, I would love to have company!!  Nutrisystem just announced their Fall Sale – the website says it’s less than $3 / meal.  What are you waiting for?  Go here ( for more information about losing weight and getting healthier with Nutrisystem.

Disclosure: Nutrisystem products have been provided to me free of charge as a selected blogger of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program in the hope that I would write about my experience.   All opinions are 100% mine and no monetary compensation was given for my opinion.


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    Good plan for dinner and a snack tonight! Great idea!!!

    Kristin :)
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    Best of luck with your new diet! I have heard so many wonderful things about nutri system!
    Angela recently posted..Uncle Milton’s Boba Fett Launch Lab Review

  3. 3

    I used Nutrisystem years ago and it worked great. Good luck on your new diet!

  4. 4

    That’s awesome, Kelly! Go you! :)
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  5. 5

    Good job! And putting the food on your own dinnerware seems to help with your mind set. When you eat out of plastic trays- you feel deprived!
    marie recently posted..CocoaWell Cocoa Heart COQ10 – A Review

  6. 6

    That looks good! Best of luck!
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    I want to learn more about Nutrysytem

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